NUS Delegate Election 2014/15 - Results

Thank you for your interest in the NUS Delegate Election. The election has now closed, the votes have been cast and a delegation have been elected.

Three elected students will attend the NUS Annual Conference in Liverpool in 2015 with delegation leader and RUSU President, Natalie Harper. As according to NUS rules, at least 50% of the delegation is made up of self-defining women, elected using the STV voting system and the NUS recommended count method.

The results are as follows:

In the first count to elect one self-defining woman according to new NUS policy, Molly Morris was elected in the seventh stage. The second count was run to elect two delegates, regardless of gender. In this count, Abatoni Muzungu was elected in the 9th stage and Tommy Snipe was elected in the 10th stage.

The elected Reading delegation is:

  • Natalie Harper (Delegation Leader)
  • Molly Morris
  • Abatoni Muzungu
  • Tommy Snipe

The elected students will represent RUSU and students of the University of Reading at conference, as well as voting on motions and in the ballot to elect the new NUS presidents and vice presidents. If you have any questions about the election results, please contact