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Afro Caribbean society

Reading University's Afro - Caribbean Society

Welcome to the Society's Page, 

The Afro-Caribbean Society at the University of Reading is aimed at creating a comfortable space for people interested in issues concerning Afro Caribbean students and for individuals in our larger student body at the university who want to learn more about Afro-Caribbean heritage.

We host a range of social and cultural events including our Black History Month “Cultural Fest” show in October. We also partner with various companies such as Sponsors for Educational Opportunity™ and Elevation Networks™ to provide career initiatives, networking events and volunteering opportunities which aim to set our members on a pedestal in the corporate sector.

This society is open to EVERY SINGLE STUDENT at the University Of Reading. So feel FREE to come along to all our events!

The Committe: 

President - Lamar Gadzama

Vice President - Gabrielle Rahming

Secretary - Caroline Chitera

Treasurer - Smith Abdulhakeem 

Welfare Rep - Ash-I Knowles

Events Manager - Chichi Bridges

Promotions Manager - Chido Mukoko

Media Officer - Nifemi Ogoji

Sports Rep - Phil Otele








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