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Welcome to our homepage and thanks for visiting! We hope you'll find the info you need - if not, please use the contact details provided and/or join our Facebook page (Reading University Bellydance Society), where you can also ask any questions!

~~~~  ABOUT THE SOCIETY  ~~~~~

We hold 1 lesson per week, suitable for all abilities (including those who have never danced before) for a total of 8 weeks in each of the Autumn and Spring terms. Lessons are taught in the Yoga or Dance studios of the University of Reading SportsPark on Whiteknights campus.

In the summer term (while exams are going on) we hold socials and workshops that introduce both traditional and modern styles of bellydance from around the world, plus tips and tricks for technique, performance and props.

It is never too late to join! Anyone can join at any time of the year.

(NOTE: Although we have lessons at the Sportspark, we are not the same as lessons that may be offered by them.)


We're currently looking to appoint our new committee, so watch this space! Members who are interested in holding a position can contact us - a meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 13th in Student Activities to hand over to the new team.

THE COACH - Iman is from the Middle East and has been teaching formally for over 10 years. She has plenty of experience performing around the Berkshire and London area, and is mentored by master bellydancer Nadine Demontfaucon. Iman founded the Bellydance Society at Reading University and was President and Coach for 5 years, completing a degree and a masters here.

(All dances taught within the Bellydance Society are choreographed by Iman. Should you wish to use them in a public performance outside of the Society, you'll need to ask Iman, and credit her appropriately).

THE PRESIDENT - Pooja is in her fourth year of Chemistry. She loves Isis Wings (a belly dance prop - look it up!) and buying sparkly things.

THE SECRETARY - Hattie is in her third year of a Biochemistry BSc. She tends to wear black and silver when performing, thus blending into the backdrop of the Students' Union 3Sixty stage like a ninja.

THE TREASURER - Eleanor is in her second year of a Fine Art BA. Her background is in Tribal style, a contemporary and challenging form of belly dance that often features gigantic skirts.

The Committee are responsible for running the society, looking after all the members and communicating with RUSU. We'd love to have a fourth person to bring new ideas in - if you want to nominate yourself, just ask when you join!

Shimmy on!
Pooja, Elly and Hattie xxx





These choreographies will be taught over 8 weeks in the Autumn term (times TBA) in the Sportspark, Whiteknights Campus.

If you want advice about clothing, belly dance wear (such as coin belts/scarves), costumes or props, feel free to ask Iman or the Committee.


Classes - There will be one Beginner and one Intermediate class.


LEVEL: The Beginner class is suitable for everyone, including those who have never danced before. Our coach will support new learners, teaching basic movements and building confidence.

The Intermediate class is suitable for those who have some experience of belly dance, and will be taught at a higher level.

LESSON OUTLINE: You will be learning a solid array of bellydance techniques during each lesson (hip, upper body and arm movements, travelling steps, shimmies and combinations).

Technique will be put into practice by learning choreographies to a variety of contemporary and traditional Middle Eastern music.



University of Reading Dance Shows

There are events during the year, such as dance shows, charity fundraisers and the Culture Show in Spring, which we usually take part in; it's a chance to contribute to the University community, have fun and get noticed! Performance is always optional: you never have to go on stage if you don't want to, though it's always a good time and a great confidence-booster.


Second Term – Second Term – Second Term


Every week for 8 weeks, (times TBA) in the Sportspark, Whiteknights Campus.

 LEVEL: Our coach will support any new members, while providing more advanced parts for those who are at a higher level.


LESSON OUTLINE: Iman will teach us a fun and lively stick dance, and a traditional drum solo.



Third Term – Third Term – Third Term

During exam time, our events timetable is much quieter. Many students have extensive exam commitments and this is fully supported by the Bellydance Society. We will be offering workshops rather than regular classes, and relaxing but fun socials to accompany a stressful period!

Details of past events available on request, to see what we've been up to - or check out our Facebook group for event records.

~~~~ PRICES 2013 - 2014 ~~~~~

MEMBERSHIP (for each academic year i.e. all three terms):

Students: £5.00
Non-Students: £8.00

8 WEEK BELLY DANCE COURSE (one hour per week for 8 weeks in one term)

Members: £30.00 (only £3.75 per lesson) (block booking only)

Non-members: £40.00 (£5.00 per lesson) (block booking only)

(Become a member and save money - enjoy the benefits of membership!)

PLEASE NOTE: For lessons we accept block bookings only.  Attending a class as a drop-in (without having block-booked the 8 week course) requires you to pay the drop-in fee (£5.00 per hour) at the door even if you are a member.  We cannot guarantee there will be a space in a drop-in class: all block-booked members are guaranteed a space.

You must have Sportspark membership (see for details) in order to attend classes! They charge a standard fee for use of the facilities only (we use the Dance/Yoga studios), which doesn't include the gym - this year, it's £5. Ask at the Sportspark reception in Freshers' Week, (remember to take your UoR identity card...).


Thank you for looking!








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