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Welcome! This is the RUSU web page for the Atheist, Humanist and Secularist society at the University of Reading.


The RAHS believes in freedom of expression. Our intent in displaying a pineapple labelled "Mohammed" at this year's Freshers' Fayre was to draw attention to cases where religion has been used to limit this and other fundamental rights, such as the imprisonment of Gillian Gibbons. We did not expect to be forced out of the Freshers' Fayre because of a pineapple, and we are disappointed that RUSU took this action.

Full statements can be found at


RAHS opposes hate speech and Fascism, especially on our campus. When we found out that a speaker who has incited violence against LGBT people and apostates had been invited onto campus we organised a protest. Both the speaker and our protest were cancelled due to threats of violence from off-campus groups.


Full statements fance be found at



We are a society officially affiliated with the Reading University Student Union (RUSU), the National Federation of Athiest, Humanist, and Secularist Societies (AHS), the National Secular Society (NSS), Atheism UK, and the Berkshire Humanists (BH) who are themselves a subsidiary of the British Humanist Association (BHA). 

Atheists, agnostics, non-theists, humanists, secularists, skeptics, rationalists, scientists, transhumanists, leftists, liberals, non-practising/ethnic Jews, Marxists, Ex-Muslims, Buddhists, and 'Brights' are all invited (we reluctantly welcome  Pastafarians as well), and even if you don't fit under any of these categories those who are merely curious and/or would like a good debate are welcome too. Any interesting events pertaining to this subject, such as political occurrences and related activism, will be posted on the facebook page ( 

For a far more detailed account of the RAHS look at our constitution. 

The following two links will take you to our original constitution. Everything you need to know about our society should be in it.

Constitution (abridged) and original society proposal:


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