Governance Documents

Listed below are documents central to the structure and governance of RUSU:

Constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association)

Contents: Name, Objects and Powers; Membership; Referenda; General Meetings; Trustees; The Executive Committee; Proceedings of the Trustees; Student Forums; General 

Bye Law 1 - Membership

Details the rights and privileges of full members, associate members and honorary members as well as information about opting out of membership

Bye Law 2 - Referenda

Contents: Definition of a Referendum, Calling a Referendum, Overriding a Referendum, Conduct of the Referendum, Notice and Timing of Referenda Period, Voting, Results, National Union of Students

Bye Law 3 - SubCommittees

Information concerning the membership and roles of the sub-committees of Trustee Board (Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Elections Committee, Appointments Committee)

Bye Law 4 - Trustees And Student Officers

Details the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees and Student Officers 

Bye Law 5 - Elections

Contents: General Provisions, Elected Positions, Rights of RUSU Full Members, Appointment of the Returning Officer

Bye Law 6 - Student Fora

Contains information about the purposes, attendees, conduct and procedures of the Student Forums (Student Voice)

Bye Law 7 - JCR

Contains information about the mission, structure, governance and finances surrounding Junior Common Rooms (JCRs)

Bye Law 8 - Role of the RUSU Chair and Deputy Chair of the Trustee Board 

Contains information about the Role of the Chair, Role of the Deputy Chair, Election of the Deputy Chair

Bye Law 9 - Part-time Officers

Contains information about the mission, structure, governance and finances surrounding Part-time Officers (PTOs)

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