Fundraising is an integral part to your society or sports club as it would give you a great opportunity to be more prominent within the student community. However, these are the reasons why you should and who to fundraise with:

Why Should I Fundraise?

Why should you or your Society/Sports Team/Hall support a charity?

Devoting a small fraction of your spare time helping the local community can do wonders for your CV, and it has been proven to boost mental health and self-esteem into the bargain.

By having your society or sports team support a charity, you will be able to:

  • Nominate yourselves for the Rewards & Recognition scheme
  • Count the activity towards the Volunteering and External Fundraising figures used for Society and Sports Award nominations.

And individually you will also be able to count the number of hours you spend on fundraising for the charity as part of your RED Award application. 

What is RAG?

RAG (Raising & Giving) is the Fundraising wing of Reading University Students’ Union.

Charity Law poses a challenge for RUSU – it means that neither the Union itself (nor its member clubs, societies and teams) can undertake fundraising for other charities. But we have a solution that avoids this problem: we have set up RAG as a charity that is separate from RUSU – providing a legally acceptable method of routing funds that arise from student fundraising at Reading. To be clear: all the money that Reading students raise from activities connected with the University must go through the RAG Finance account. But that doesn’t mean that you lose the ability to support a charity of your choice: RAG will transmit the funds to the recipient charity of your choice.

As well as handling money raised by other groups, RAG also raises funds itself – hosting an array of events on campus and further afield – from their annual Lost & Jailbreak events and Naked Calendar to the odd themed Union night - they aim to raise as much money as possible in wacky and wonderful ways!  The events they organise are good fun to take part in - whether as an individual or as a group, so make sure you keep a check on what they’ve got planned at:

RAG can also provide support, advice and publicity for sports teams, societies and individuals who are fundraise for their own chosen charities. Every time you organise an event – no matter how big or small, make sure that you tell the RAG team – that way they can advise you on the best methods of fundraising and help you stay on the right side of the Charity Law. 

My group has decided we want to Fundraise – What is next?

  • Step 1: Decide what kind of fundraising event you want to hold
  • Step 2:  Tell RAG what your plans are - so they can help make the event go as smoothly as possible  - you can do that by filling in this form:
  • Step 3: Get In contact with the charity, and tell them what you have got planned – they might be able to provide you with some promotional materials.
  • Step 4: Request some RAG collection tins/buckets: By law, all donations for a charity need to be collected in a sealed collection container – simply fill in the form to order your buckets.
  • Step 5: Collect the tins/buckets from Student Activities
  • Step 6: Hold the Fundraising Event
  • Step 7: Straight after the event, bring your (hopefully full) tins/buckets back to Student Activities - fill out a pink “Deposits Form” detailing which society/sports team/hall you are, which charity the money is going to, and specifying that it needs to be paid into the RAG Charities Account
  • Step 8: (Only for a one-off fundraiser) Get back in touch with the charity and tell them how much money you managed to raise. Ask them to reply with acknowledgment that they are happy to receive the money and to give you their bank details. Forward that email to and ask our Volunteering & Fundraising Coordinator to sort out the transfer. 
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