Knights Accreditation Scheme (Sport)

Hi all, I’m Charlotte O’Leary; your Activities Officer. I’m so excited to be running the Knights Accreditation Scheme this year.

This scheme will ensure our sports clubs are being rewarded for their commitment and the positive impacts they have on the student body as well as their successes.

There are three different levels to this scheme – bronze, silver and gold. Each level will have different requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to progress.

These requirements are focused on many aspects of the union, ranging from raising money for charity to non-drinking socials and much much more.

Check out more detailed information below:


Every club must reach Bronze accreditation in order to be an affiliated club, this means you are able to have a bank account, a webpage, ability to bid for funding/extra grant fund etc., RUSU booking and admin/development support.

Bronze Requirements

Clubs must complete all 10 of the Bronze requirements to be considered a bronze standard club.

  • Submit a re-affiliation form with 4 positions including President, Treasurer, Secretary and Welfare (1)
  • Sign both the constitution and the behavioural policy (1)
  • Attend compulsory committee training (1)
  • Complete risk assessment and equipment inventory (1)
  • Have a representative attend a minimum of 3/5 activity group committee meetings (we recommend you come to them all) (1)
  • Have a minimum of 15 members (1)
  • Hold a valid AGM with your members (2/5)
  • Democratically elect your committee members (2/4)
  • Host at least 1 non-alcohol focussed social event (2/4)
  • Being financially sustainable (1)

Have you completed all of the above? Complete the bronze level survey here.


Every club should achieve this to show they are a well-run, developing club engaged with the Students union and the Knight community.

Silver Requirements

Clubs must have achieved Bronze and completed 10/15 of the Silver requirements to be considered a Silver standard club.

  • Write or feature in an article for The Spark Newspaper (3)
  • Host at least 2 non-alcohol focussed social events (2/4)
  • Raise at least £50 for charity (can be in conjunction with RAG projects) (1/4)
  • Create a promotional video (can be in conjunction with RU:ON TV) (3)
  • Create a visual for the SU plasma TV screens (4)
  • Have a representative at 4/5 of the activity group committee meetings (1)
  • Collaborate with another club or society to run a joint event or club swap (can be through breaking down barriers RUSU events) (2/4)
  • Have a Fresher’s Fayre stall (1)
  • Host a taster session to attract new members (2/4)
  • Run a club volunteering event with at least 10% of members (can be in conjunction with a RUSU planned volunteering project) (2/4)
  • Create a social media page/account to publicly publish results, show community work and promote the club on events such as non-alcohol socials etc (4)
  • At least sustain the same membership numbers as the previous year (1)
  • Run a club trip (away fixtures don't count!) (2/4)
  • No walkovers (BUCS Clubs) (1)
  • Have a committee member at the RUSU ASM (all student meeting) (4)

Have you completed all of the above? Complete the Silver level survey here.


Every club can easily achieve this, but displays a consistent level of effort put in by the committee to achieve a well-run and rounded club. Clubs that achieve this will be recognised at the Awards and throughout the year through RUSU and social media.

Gold Requirements

Clubs must have achieved Bronze and Silver, and completed 10/14 of the Gold requirements to be considered a Gold standard club.

  • Raise £300 for charity (can be in conjunction with RAG) (1/4)
  • Run 2 club trips (2/4)
  • Have a stall Freshers Fair and a session in both the ‘give it a go’ weeks (1)
  • Work with RUSU on a campaign (1/4)
  • Run fortnightly committee meetings (5)
  • Have a committee representative at all activity group committee meetings (1)
  • Gain sponsorship from an external company or external funding (1/6)
  • Run 3 volunteering events with at least 10% of members (can be in conjunction with RUSU planned volunteering projects) (2/4)
  • At least 3 news articles/shows with The Spark Newspaper/RU:ON TV/Junction 11 Radio (3)
  • Produce a development plan (1)
  • Win your league or regional/national competition (1)
  • Increased membership by 10% (1)
  • Host at least 3 non-alcohol focussed social events (2/4)
  • 2 joint events/club swaps (2/4)

Have you completed all of the above? Complete the Gold level survey here.

When you have completed the requirements for a level, complete the survey by ticking the boxes and submit to students Activities. Each requirement needs to be backed up with evidence so e-mail all evidence to Student Activities via e-mail ( once you have submitted the survey.


At the end of each requirement there is a number that corresponds with the evidence that needs to be submitted e.g (1).

  1. RUSU will have access to this information already.
  2. Please send a copy of online social media/email event and invites sent to members.
  3. Please submit a link to this.
  4. Please submit photo proof.
  5. Please submit minutes.
  6. Please submit a copy of the contract.

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