All of your members must be signed up on your RUSU page. This automatically creates your membership mailing list.

Students are able to join groups in the following ways:

  • Online - via the RUSU website. (Please note that membership fees are 15 pence higher when purchased online, due to web provider costs).
  • Pay by cash/card at the RUSU reception desk Please let us know if you would like to change your membership fee before Fresher’s Week! We won’t have time to do it on the day of the Freshers Fair – so please let us know in advance!

Membership fees

You do not have to charge membership fees, but if you do, you should be aware that there are various strands of membership:

  • Student membership - Available to anyone who is a Student at the University; whether Full-time, Part time, Under- graduate or Postgraduate.
  • Associate membership - This is for anyone who is NOT a student at the University (this can include members of University and RUSU staff). You should charge more to non-student members. Only 30% of the membership can be made up of associate members. Associate members have no speaking or voting rights at committee meetings or AGM’s. They may NOT stand for election on your committee. You can vary your membership fee throughout the year – reducing the price as the year goes on.

Minimum membership

The minimum Student membership for all Societies and Sports Clubs is 15 students. As per the Activities’ Constitution, if you do not reach 15 student members by the end of the autumn term, your Club or Society may be disaffiliated by a vote at the relevant Activity Group meeting.

Volunteering Groups Membership

Membership to a RUSU Volunteering Group is usually free of charge as the main objectives of these groups are to become involved in and benefit other members of the University and local community. There is no minimal number of students required for the membership of Volunteering Groups. However a lack of significant numbers may result in the project not being able to continue and becoming unsustainable. In this instance the Student Activities Officer will work closely with the group concerned and the relevant RUSU staff before deciding if a project can no longer run.

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