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We are the student television station at RUSU, providing Reading students with campus news, information and entertainment.

You don't need any previous filmmaking experience to join RU:ON, and you can get involved with any aspect of production be it writing, filming, presenting, editing, or anything else you can think of. We encourage you to bring your own video ideas and be as creative as you can!

Membership of RU:ON will give you access to high-end equipment, unique industry opportunities and the chance to be a part of many exciting events and video productions. Whether you're interested in working in television, or just looking to get creative with a camera and have fun, come and join us at RU:ON TV!

We're on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Breaking Down Barriers Day

Here's one of the videos we shot at RUSU's Breaking Down Barriers Day event in Autumn Enhancement Week. You can see our other videos from the day on our YouTube channel.




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