Volunteer Spotlight

Name: St Georges JCR Committee - Beth Fryer, Jacob Flaxman, Joe Earlam, Claire Timmerman, Eddie Morris, Murray Acheson, Rhia Patel, Sophie Bryan, Sarah Udin, Zach Evans, Connor Heywood and Becky Harris

Year: Second and Third Years

Degree: Geography, Primary Teaching, Chemistry, Art & English Literature, Business Management, Food Marketing and Business Economics, Psychology, French & German, Psychology & Philosophy and Speech and Language Therapy.

What volunteering did you do?

As a JCR, we are all volunteers with different roles and we work to provide a range of opportunities for the students in St. George’s Hall.

Throughout the year we help with any welfare issues, provide support and information and organise social events to make sure the residents get the most out of their time at St. George’s Hall. So far this year, we have already organised numerous activities including social, sports, and volunteering events.

As a JCR, we have encouraged students to get involved with the local community. Recently, we took students to Lakeside Residential Care Home. JCR members and the students spent the day volunteering at the care home, including singing to the residents and making sandwiches for ‘National Sandwich Day’! Both the students and the residents had a great time.

We are also very keen to fundraise for local charities, we have events planned to raise money for Reading Mencap. We have a charity event different to the usual fundraisers in the form of “I'm a Student, Get Me Out of Here!”, which we hope will be a great event that fundraises and raises awareness for Reading Mencap.

Our favourite thing about being on a JCR

One of our favourite things so far has been meeting all of the new students and guiding them into University life. We’ve really engaged with our freshers, and we enjoy the responsibility of helping and advising them, but also of being a friend and making sure they have the best first year at University.

 We also love how rewarding it is to be on the JCR and to see how quickly the students have settled in; one of the best feelings is being thanked and knowing that they are grateful for our help!

Why did you volunteer for the JCR?

We all enjoyed our first year so much, and our previous JCR were really friendly and helpful. They made us want to be involved this year, as we had such a great year. We wanted to give something back to halls, and we feel that being a JCR member is a perfect opportunity.

“We can meet and guide the freshers through their first year and help make it the best year possible.”

St Georges JCR were elected by their members and hold their positions for a year. JCRs volunteer a lot of hours from meetings, to running events and of course helping students throughout welcome week.

 If you like the sound of being a “JCR Committee Member” then why not get involved in elections next year. Talk to your current committee to find out more about their roles.



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