Drug and Alcohol Support

IRiS are the drug and alcohol treatment provider for Reading and they run drop-ins within the RUSU Advice Service. IRiS believes in treating the person, not the problem and by this they recognise that substance use is often the symptom of other events in your life.

The misuse (including over-indulgence) of alcohol, illegal or legal substances or prescription medication can lead to many issues including:

  • Getting behind in your studies, or not doing as well as you want to do;
  • Physical and mental health difficulties, including impact on your mood;
  • Financial problems or debt;
  • Impacting on your friendships and relationships;
  • Other issues such as getting in to trouble with the Police.

IRiS is not here to tell you to stop using drugs and/or alcohol; they want to support you in making the decision to be safe, and to offer the right help should you want to cut down or quit your substance use.

They can provide free information and advice about any substances including: alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, steroids, prescription medication (including painkillers), MDMA, ketamine and other substances.

If you’re concerned about how substance use is affecting you or a friend, you can contact IRIS directly for a safe, confidential no pressure chat.

IRIS Reading

127 Oxford Road
RG1 7UY Reading

Phone: 0118 955 7333
Email: reading@irispartnership.org.uk
Website: www.cranstoun.org/service/iris-reading/

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