Moving Out

This page only applies to moving out at the end of your tenancy. If you want to move out before the end date of your tenancy, we have a separate guide for leaving your tenancy early.

Planning your move will help make the process easier and less stressful. It will also help increase your chances of getting your full deposit back at the end of your tenancy. Your landlord can make deductions from your deposit for damage or extra cleaning costs, so do not leave the cleaning until the last minute.

Make every effort to leave the inside and outside of the premises in a clean and tidy state. You should leave the property and its contents in the same condition as it was let to you, allowing for reasonable wear and tear through normal use.

Once you have cleaned up try to arrange with your landlord or agent to meet you to look over the property before you move out. This may give you the chance to re-clean areas the landlord is not happy with. Just before you move out, you should then arrange for a final inventory when the house is empty and all cleaning has been done.


A checklist of what to clean in your property.

Rubbish & Recycling

Every year students receive fixed penalty notices from the Council for failing to dispose of their rubbish properly.

On the day you move out

The day has arrived for you to move out. Here are a few tips for making this process as hassle-free as possible.

Your deposit

It is common for landlords and tenants to disagree over what should be deducted from the deposit at the end of the tenancy.


If you live in the same house as your landlord, you are an ‘excluded occupier’.

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