On the Day You Move Out

The day has arrived for you to move out. Here are a few tips for making this process as hassle-free as possible:

  • Remove all your possessions from the property, and finish cleaning.
  • Take dated photos of the whole property. You may need these photos as proof of the condition you leave the property in.
  • It may sound obvious, but DO NOT leave your house or car unlocked at any time when you are moving out.
  • Make sure electrical and gas appliances are turned off, windows and doors closed and securely locked.
  • Before leaving your property you will need to organise closing your accounts with the utility suppliers such as gas, electricity and water. Here are some points to consider:
    • Take final meter readings for gas, electricity and water (if you have a water meter).
    • Keep a written record of these readings and contact the utility suppliers to close your accounts.
    • Give the utility suppliers the name and new address for the person who will be sent the final bills.
    • Discuss with your current housemates how you are going to settler the final utility payments and get the contact details for all the tenants to settle the remaining bills.
  • Inform all relevant organisations of your new address – GP, HMRC, bank, mobile phone company etc.
  • Re-direct your post using the Royal Mail service.
  • Contact TV Licencing to see if you are entitled to claim back any money. If you have at least 1 full month unused on your TV Licence you will be able to get a refund.
  • Hand back all keys to your landlord or agent – the landlord can make deductions from your deposit for changing the locks if some of the keys are not returned.

Contact the Advice Service

Services which operate within the Advice Service have separate sessions: see their individual pages for further info on how and when to access them.

Following the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), RUSU staff have been asked to work for remotely for the foreseeable future. This includes the staff within the Advice Service.

As a result, the Advice Service is unable to offer face-to-face appointment or a drop-in service at the current time, but we are still able to offer advice to students.

If you would like some support from the Advice Service then please complete our Talk to us form. Alternatively, you can email the service on advice@rusu.co.uk

Please be assured that an Adviser will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and that we can still offer appointments via other methods (for example, via telephone, Skype or Microsoft Teams).