Unless bills are included in the rent, it is your duty to pay the utility bills (gas, electricity and water). Try to agree with your housemates before you move in how you are going to do this. Remember, you can ask for all tenants to be named on the account - this way you are all responsible for paying and accountable if you fall behind with payments. If this is not possible, arrange for each housemate to take responsibility for one bill.

You may want to set up a separate bank account for bill payments.

Contact the suppliers with meter readings when you move in- and check that there are no outstanding issues with the suppliers. Compare prices - but if you want to change supplier, you should always check with your landlord first.

  • Full  time students are usually exempt from paying council tax if they meet certain criteria
  • If you are exempt from paying council tax, - you will need to give your local council a Certificate of Exemption. You can obtain this from the University. 
  • You can find information on council tax liability here
  • Buy a TV Licence as you could receive a fine if you watch TV without one.  If you don’t live in the property for a full year, you could get a refund.
  • Find out how long it will take for broadband to be installed and check the speed.

If you are struggling with managing your budget, RUSU Money Advisers can offer support and guidance

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