Completing an Inventory

On the day you move in, make sure you look around the property thoroughly- check for any damage and make a note of the general condition of the property. You and the landlord/letting agent should complete and sign an inventory.

An inventory is a written record of the rooms, furniture and other items provided by the landlord. It is sometimes called a check in report.

It should accurately record the condition of the property and contents and include comments about the standard of cleanliness and whether items are new, worn or damaged

You might carry out an inventory check (also known as Check In) with the landlord or agent when you first move in. Sometimes an independent inventory clerk carries out the inventory.  If the landlord doesn’t do an inventory, you should write one yourself. You can download a blank inventory from RUSU Housing Advice website here.

Inventory costs are usually split between landlord and tenant- usually one pays for check in, one for check out. These fees should be made clear from the outset and agreed in writing.

Note down areas and items in poor condition or disrepair and give details. For example 'carpet stain', 'untidy front garden', 'marks on the wall'. Include all furniture inside and outside of the house and get all tenants and the landlord to sign it once it has been completed. Check the report carefully for mistakes or omissions and let the landlord know in writing as soon as possible.

Keep a copy of the inventory and take dated photos of existing damage- keep this safe until the end of your tenancy. This inventory, and any photos you take, will be your evidence of the condition of the property on the day you move in, and will be used in the case of any deposit disputes upon leaving the property.

Check that all agreed repairs and refurbishments have been carried out before you move in. Make sure any offers to provide replacement/additional furniture have been undertaken.  If your landlord/agent hasn’t completed repairs or replaced furniture which they had agreed to when you signed your contract, discuss it with them straight away. Find out why the work had not been done and get a new date for completion. Consider discussing a reduction in rent for the time it will take the landlord to arrange for the work to be completed. Make sure you get anything agreed in writing!

If the landlord does not sort it within a reasonable period of time, or by the revised completion date, seek advice from RUSU Advice Service. The Advice Service can help you arrange an action plan to resolve the situation sooner rather than later. Also, keep copies of any written correspondence as this could be used as evidence later.



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