Money Advice

RUSU's Specialist Money Advisors are trained and experienced in offering free, confidential, independent advice and information on all money related matters including:

  • The funding you could receive whilst studying
  • Helping you to resolve problems you might have with your funding
  • Assisting you to look for other sources of funding
  • Navigating the Welfare Benefit system
  • Helping you understand the Tax and National Insurance system
  • Money management advice
  • Supporting and assisting you through managing debt
Undergraduate Funding

As a UK student you can apply for help with your tuition fees and living costs. This information is for students applying in England: different processes are in place for students applying in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Postgraduate Funding

This leaflet is for students studying a postgraduate course, including Masters and Doctorates.

Funding for International Students

This information is for both undergraduate and postgraduate international students, unless stated otherwise. An international student holds a passport from a country not in the EU or UK.

Funding for Mature Undergraduates

As a mature student you could have extra needs and costs whilst studying. This guide advises on the various funding and benefits available to mature students.


This factsheet will give guidance to students who are living on a budget.

National Insurance

National Insurance is a system where all employers and workers pay towards specific state benefits. It pays for the NHS, unemployment benefit, sickness and disability allowances and the state pension.

Undergraduate Funding for continuing students

This leaflet is for undergraduates returning to Reading University after being here for one year. Information relates to UK/EU students receiving funding from Student Finance England.

Funding for EU students

The UK has given formal notice to leave the European Union but still remains a member of the EU. Therefore, there is no immediate change to the position of EEA nationals in the UK.

Funding for Disabled Students

This leaflet advises student with any disability or illness on what they might be entitled to and how to access it. This includes Disabled Students’ Allowance, Welfare Benefits, charitable grants and support from your local authority.

Income Tax

Income tax is exactly what it says on the tin; tax on your income. It is calculated based on the amount of income you have earned.

Banks and Accounts

Glossary of basic terms for banking.

Council Tax

Council Tax is a local tax on a residential property based on the property's value. The money goes towards local community services such as, Police and Fire Authorities, waste collection, parks and libraries.

Understanding your bank statements

Your bank statement tells you the amount of money you have in your account. It will show you a record of all payments in and out over a set period with the date and method of payment.

Financial Implications of Suspending or Withdrawing

This information leaflet outlines some of the financial implications if you withdraw or suspend from the University of Reading.

Contact the Advice Service

Appointments with the Advice Service by arrangement, or drop in without an appointment.

Services which operate within the Advice Service have separate sessions: see their individual pages for further info on how and when to access them.

Drop-in times for the Advice Service

Term Time
11:00 – 13:30 Monday & Tuesday
14:00 – 16:30 Wednesday
11:00 – 13:30 Thursday & Friday
Vacation Time
11:00 – 13:30 Monday & Thursday
14:00 – 16:30 Wednesday