Money Advice

The Advice Service is currently operating a virtual service, whilst the current pandemic situation persists. We are still supporting students via email, phone or Teams. Please complete our contact form. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Specialist Money Advisors are trained and experienced in offering free, confidential, independent advice and information on all money related matters including:

  • The funding you could receive whilst studying
  • Helping you to resolve problems you might have with your funding
  • Assisting you to look for other sources of funding
  • Navigating the Welfare Benefit system
  • Helping you understand the Tax and National Insurance system
  • Money management advice
  • Supporting and assisting you through managing debt
Key Financial Dates 2020/21

RUSU Money Advisors have provided a short timeline of key dates for you to be aware of for the academic year 2020/21.

Finalists: How to financially prepare for graduating

Advice for finalists on how to manage your finances, including council tax, student loans and housing deposits.

Coronavirus - implications on finances and housing

A compilation of information about the effects of COVID-19 on students in regards to finance and housing.

Information on student finance

Whether you are a continuing student or about to start your time at university complete our easy to answer survey to find out possible funding sources are available to you.


This factsheet will give guidance to students who are living on a budget.

National Insurance

National Insurance is a system where all employers and workers pay towards specific state benefits. It pays for the NHS, unemployment benefit, sickness and disability allowances and the state pension.

Income Tax

Income tax is exactly what it says on the tin; tax on your income. It is calculated based on the amount of income you have earned.

Council Tax

Council Tax is a local tax on a residential property based on the property's value. The money goes towards local community services such as, Police and Fire Authorities, waste collection, parks and libraries.

Financial Implications of Suspending or Withdrawing

This information leaflet outlines some of the financial implications if you withdraw or suspend from the University of Reading.

Student Financial Support Leaflets

The University’s Student Financial Support Team has produced a series of leaflets with useful information for students, which can be found below.

Are you worrying and feeling anxious about your money?

Whether you are feeling worried about if you have enough money to meet your basic needs, struggling to manage your student loan or have found yourself in debt, it is important to speak to someone.

Are you worried about being or getting into debt?

Dealing with money problems can be worrying and stressful. If you are worried about getting into debt or have outstanding debt, it is important not to ignore it.

Contact the Advice Service

Services which operate within the Advice Service have separate sessions: see their individual pages for further info on how and when to access them.

Following the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), RUSU staff have been asked to work for remotely for the foreseeable future. This includes the staff within the Advice Service.

As a result, the Advice Service is unable to offer face-to-face appointment or a drop-in service at the current time, but we are still able to offer advice to students.

If you would like some support from the Advice Service then please complete our Talk to us form. Alternatively, you can email the service on

Please be assured that an Adviser will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and that we can still offer appointments via other methods (for example, via telephone, Skype or Microsoft Teams).