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Time to take back control of your degree!

The cost of university is at an all-time high, attainment gaps are stretching for BAME, disabled and LGBT+ students and we are under the most pressure ever to succeed in academia. It’s time to take back control of your education!

Is your curriculum too white? Are you getting taught the same thing in four different modules? Are your contact hours so sparse you’re basically paying for a reading list?

Last year the University tried slashing support staff, they are planning on raising tuition fees and are increasing student numbers without increasing the number of academics.

Reading University Students’ Union needs a passionate, diverse and driven team of Academic Representatives to question the University on why their feedback is coming back late, why your reading lists consists solely of dead white males or why your lecturers are not supporting you through your studies.

So if you want to represent your course, empower your cohort, enhance your CV, increase your employability and make positive change in your school, why not nominate yourself now to be a Course Rep.

Undergraduates click here

Postgraduates click here

Good Luck


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