During the 2013 summer term RUSU held a campaign called ‘RUSU says RELAX’. This was a campaign held by your 2012-2013 Welfare Officer and Education Officer.

What was the aim of this campaign?

The aim of this campaign was to ensure that students were looking after themselves during the examination period. We did this by encouraging students to revise sensibly, eat healthily, take regular breaks, exercise and look after their mental health.

We also aimed to raise awareness of the feedback policy, that when a student hands in a piece of work, they should receive their feedback in a timely manner and should always be told what date they will receive this. We encouraged students to actively ask for any feedback that they hadn’t received.  We did this as we believed that this was the best way to reduce stress and be prepared for exams.

 What did we do?

RUSU held a variety of events and activities during this campaign. This ranged from free yoga classes, film nights, feedback surveys, handing out healthy recipes and food packs and even a mobile farm! We also promoted information about RUSU Advice, University Counselling Service and Peer Support. Likewise, we helped students follow up any feedback they hadn’t yet received.

What was the impact?

This campaign proved incredibly popular. Over 400 students took a break from the library to enjoy the animals from the mobile farm, 60 students attended free yoga classes, 80 students attended the free film nights and we successfully helped to raise the profile of RUSU Advice, Counselling Services and Peer Support.

Future Plans

RUSU will be holding another ‘RUSU says RELAX’ campaign in the 2014 Summer Term. We hope to make it even better and ensure that student’s wellbeing is safeguarded during examination times.

Furthermore, your 2013-14 Welfare Officer has been working on a variety mental health campaigns to improve the provisions for students with mental health conditions, and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

If you would like to get involved in the upcoming ‘RUSU says RELAX’ campaign or any mental health campaigns please contact


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