Think Before You Drink

It is a common fact assumption that Freshers’ Week is notorious for heavy drinking and new students at the university may have never consumed alcohol before. For this reason, Freshers’ Week has the potential to be very dangerous for many, since alcohol can leave both a drunk person or another party vulnerable.

For this reason it is paramount that a welfare campaign is in place during Freshers’ week, raising awareness of responsible drinking within student culture. ‘Think before you Drink’ is an active campaign within the Students’ Union throughout Freshers fortnight.

As part of the campaign, students are encouraged to drink a cup of water per drink they consume, and to download the drinkaware app to track and calculate how many units they have consumed.

Initiatives of the campaigns include handing out porridge so that students can eat a substantial meal in the morning and handing out safety alarms so that students are prepared should a situation rose in which they were alone.

When under the influence of alcohol, students are more likely to regret ‘the night before’, so another strand of ‘Think before you Drink’ is providing students with the information to send off for a chlamydia test.

The campaign also takes a visual stance through the use of labelled glow sticks being placed in unattended drinks to bring attention to students that an unattended drink could easily and quickly be spiked.

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