The current government plans to scrap university maintenance grants and replace them with a repayable loan-based system will affect thousands of students in the UK who wish to get a university education.

If the Chancellor gets his way, students whose household income amounts to £25,000 or less will no longer be eligible for a grant and instead, will face leaving university with debts exceeding £53,000.  RUSU views this measure as an extremely detrimental step backwards for the UK Higher Education system and we want you to join us in getting involved in the NUS’ national #CutTheCosts campaign.

Why should you be annoyed?

Around 5,000 students in the UK currently rely on these grants to help them through their studies. This detrimental measure will saddle students from poorer backgrounds with yet more debt if they wish to go to university.

What is RUSU doing about it?

  • Writing to & meeting with your local MPs to highlight concerns about the cuts
  • Joining the NUS’ National #CutTheCosts lobby in London in October
  • Building alliances with local schools, further education institutes & organisations
  • Raising awareness of the issues and how prospective Reading students will be effected

What can you do?

  • Write to your local MP telling them that you’re opposed to the cuts and why
  • Add a #CutTheCosts Twibbon to your social media pictures to show your support
  • Join the conversation using the #CutTheCosts hashtag

Share your stories!

Are you a student who receives or has received a maintenance grant? We would love to hear how the grants have supported your studies and experiences at the University of Reading! Tell our Full-Time Officers your story by clicking here.


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