I am Visible Campaign

What is the “I am visible” campaign about?”
The “I am visible” campaign is about breaking limiting beliefs within the student community. A safe, anonymous space for mature students to show themselves as they are, and to encourage them to talk to their fellow students, with both parties seeing past the age as meaning anything.

Why are you doing it? 
I started this campaign because I wanted to share to the entire student community, that mature students are just people. That mature students are in the same boat as they are. Well, not exactly, but the similarities between them. It’s a new situation. There’s new people to meet. How do you research? And, there’s how many ways to reference?

I feel like the mature student community is invisible. This is either because they choose to be, or because they don’t get seen as a student, because they’re not your idea of a “typical” student. They might not even know that they are a mature student. What’s the stereotypical view of a mature student? Someone who is probably the same age as your parents or grandparents deciding to go into education for some-sort of reason?
A definition of a mature student is someone who started their undergraduate degree aged 21+ or, 18+ with carer duties (e.g. is a parent, sole carer of a family member, etc.).

The spectrum of the mature student community is huge. They encompass a fantastically wide range of lifestyles, opinions, advice, problems and experiences; and I, myself, would love to get to know each and every one of them. (I can’t because I’m a student myself, and I’m socially awkward – like, awkward, as in cannot-continue-a-conversation-sometimes awkward). And I find it strange that mature students aren’t seen as fellow students. Okay, they may be more focused in lectures and ask a lot of questions. And, they might know what they’re going to do after graduation. And, yeah, that person might be old enough to be your parent. But they are still human. Strange, curious and engaging human beings with their own quirks, and successes, and mistakes. Just like everybody else.

And I think it’s high time that we do something about it!

How and when students can get involved?
Our tumblr page is live and running right now!
Head on over to iam-visible.tumblr.com to see or share stories.





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