What is IDAHOBiT?

IDAHOBiT stands for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, it explores and campaigns against discrimination based around ones sexuality and gender identity. 

Two Purposes of IDAHOBIT

  1. Raise awareness of the discrimination LGBT+ people face around the world.
  2. Celebrate sexual and gender diversities.

Why the 17th May?

On the 17th May 1990, homosexuality was finally taken off the World Health Organisations list of mental health disorders.


Why is it important to mark?

  • In 10 countries around the world you can be sentenced to death for being in a same sex relationship.
  • In 81 countries you can be imprisoned and tortured for being in a same sex relationship.
  • If you are a trans person you face discrimination, violence, state repression and murder in countless countries in the world.

We hope that by raising awareness of the situation gay and trans people around the world are in, it will encourage law makers and individuals to work towards an end to the death penalties, imprisonment and discrimination faced because one falls in love with the same sex or is a different gender to the one assigned at birth.

Why is IDAHOBiT important to students?

"I was made aware of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia last year, during my first year of studies at the University of Reading. For me, the day is important because it allows individuals to fight hatred, and allows minorities to feel more comfortable in their own skin. I have been attracted to women all my life, but it has taken me a long time to feel comfortable in a 'bisexual' label. IDAHOBIT is a day in which I can feel acceptance and clarity in that label, whilst supporting others. Biphobia is still prevalent in the LGBT+ community but it is clear that sexuality is becoming more accepted across the Western World, and this is cause for celebration. Despite this, we must continue the journey of progress, by continuing the fight against LGBT+ prejudice and IDAHOBIT is the perfect opportunity to do this."  – Lauren Wyatt, Bisexual rep for the LGBT Society 16/17

IDAHOBIT is important to me as a trans person. It is a day where many people, like me, who have once been shunned by society, can stand up for their own human rights. I identify as both bisexual and transgender, so it is especially important to me that both biphobia and transphobia are explicitly included in IDAHOBIT. Bisexual, or transgender, people are faced with different kinds of discrimination, IDAHOBIT gives the opportunity to bring this prejudice to light, so that we can actively try to fix them. – Matt Hutchins, Trans rep for the LGBT Society 16/17

So how are we marking the event?

The university is running two events for students and staff the week before IDAHOBIT:

Tuesday 9th May

12:00 – 13:00

Becoming a UoR LGBT + Ally - Information sharing session

Henley Business-School-G11

A session led by Prof. Simon Chandler-Wilder who is Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. The session will include presentations from Nikki Ray (RUSU LGBT+ Officer) and from university staff who will discuss why they are LGBT+ allies.


Friday 12th May


Trans Awareness Training with Rosemary Taylor

Chancellor's Building G03

This session, open to all staff and students, looks at the range and variety of people who identify in one way or another as transgender. The variables of gender, sexuality and other aspects are explored and explained, including: what it is like to be trans; coming out; being trans in public; being trans at work; how do staff react to trans people? There will also be time for discussion, questions and answers.

Book a place through Employee Self Service if you're a member of staff, or by emailing Sinead O'Flynn if you're a student.


Wednesday 17th May

RUSU will also be running a few events including:

11am – 1.00pm

Outside Mojo’s

“I have pride because….”

Come write on our chalkboard to tell RUSU why you have LGBT+ Pride


1pm – 1.30pm

Flag Raising

Whiteknights Campus flag pole

Watch the raising of the LGBT+ flag and listen to speeches from RUSU representatives and university staff.


2.30pm – 4.00pm

Big Gay Quiz Part 3


Come and test your knowledge on TV and Film, Geography, History and more!



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