Boycott to Freeze Fees

Pledging to Boycott the National Student Survey (NSS) to put pressure on the University of Reading (UoR) to freeze tuition fees.

UoR will use NSS data to enter into the governments new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The higher they score in the framework, the higher they can increase fees. UoR doesn’t have to increase fees to enter into the framework.

Students studying in the UK already pay the most on average for a university education. Pledge now so future students at Reading don’t have to pay more.

Pledge to boycott the NSS
Read our open letter to Sir David Bell and sign up for the TEF OFF campaign

Further Information: 

Will boycotting the NSS damage the reputation of UoR and therefore decrease the value of my degree?

No, boycotting the NSS won’t damage UoR’s scores on league tables. The NSS results are used internally, did you know we actually went up on league tables despite dropping across the board in the NSS in 2015/16.

How do I get to give my feedback to the university without filling in the NSS?

There are plenty of other options that the university and RUSU have to give feedback. These include giving feedback to course/school reps, modular feedback and RUSU excellence awards. These all give better quality feedback that the university can use. There are also the UK Engagement Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey and the International Students Barometer which give better feedback from a broader range of students.

If tuition fees don’t go up will the standard of my education suffer?

No, there is no direct correlation between tuition fees and teaching quality, as currently home undergraduate students pay variably different fees to international students for the same education.

I’m not a finalist undergraduate student, how does this affect me?

In a few years you will be asked to fill out the NSS and therefore pledging now has a great impact to the campaign. The more support we get from all students the more pressure RUSU will be able to put onto the university to freeze tuition fees.

Will boycotting the NSS negatively affect the funding for my course?

No, because boycotting the NSS won’t affect the ranking. Furthermore, in the past poor scores have been used by the university to justify increasing support for some courses and closing others. Therefore, there is no direct correlation between NSS scores and funding.

I want to score UoR highly; will this stop me?

The university should not be using your feedback as a tool to raise tuition fees. There are other ways in which you can give your feedback whatever it may be as detailed above.

How will a boycott of the NSS help to freeze fees?

RUSU’s aim is to freeze tuition fees at UoR and we are currently in negotiations about this. Your support will help us to get a positive result so please sign the pledge here:

I want to find out more information about this what can I do?


Please find below names of the Student Officers in support of the TEF OFF campaign:

RUSU Education Officer, Niall Hamilton
RUSU President, Ben Cooper
RUSU Welfare Officer, Pip Oppenheimer
RUSU Activities Officer, Molly Philpot
RUSU Diversity Officer, Sahadev Joshi
London Road Students’ Officer, Emily Pearce
LGBT+ Students’ Officer, Nikki Ray
Women’s Officer, Justine Taylor
Disabled Students’ Officer, Sarah O’Brien
BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Students’ Officer, Aileen Waitaaga Kimuhu
International Students’ Officer, Abongile-Bruce Buthelezi
Mature Students’ Officer, Kathleen Burns
Environment & Ethics Officer, Jacob Field
Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences School Rep, Chloe Early
Biological Sciences School Rep, Michael York
Law School Rep, Chloe Butcher
Archaeology, Geography & Environmental Sciences School Rep, Edward White
Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences School Rep, Shibo Pang
Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy School Rep, Gaia De Angelis
Henley Business School Rep, Tom Lee, Sam Roberts, Ollie St. John
Art & Communication Design School Rep, Anna Scully
Built Environment School Rep, Louise Lawson
Literature & Languages School Rep, Jason Dabydoyal 
Humanities School Rep, Matthew Norris
Institute of Education School Rep, Francesca McPeanne
Agriculture, Policy & Development School Rep, Jessica Rowland Williams


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