Personal Capture

Personal Capture

Personal capture is where a lecturer records video and/or audio content which is then accessible online and used to aid students learning. An example of Personal Capture is a screencast.

Personal Capture is typically used for shorter videos and is often used to provide supplementary information before or after a lecture. This can help you better prepare for a lecture or seminar and it can also help resolve areas of common difficulty after a lecture has occurred with follow-up material.

Many lecturers already use this technology but are held back by upload and storage limits. A wider roll out of this technology is now taking place after funding was approved from the University and RUSU’s annual £1 Million Capital Fund. This money will help ensure there is adequate software and hardware for all staff and help to eliminate any issues which currently inhibiting staff’s ability to create content.

Ed White, your Education Officer, is now working with the University to roll the project out and is pushing for this to be in place for the start of the next academic year.

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