Free Periods

The Free Periods campaign will run in Spring Term Week 3 (Mon 28.Jan – Fri 01.Feb) at RUSU.

Key aims?

  • Raise awareness about Period Poverty
  • Inform students about period sustainability
  • Break down the taboo surrounding periods
  • Provide free period products

Who leads on this campaign?

Your Diversity Officer, Nozomi Tolworthy, supported by your Women’s Officer, Catherine.

How you can get involved

A big part of this campaign is about having open conversations about periods and how issues surrounding it affect individuals locally and globally.


Sustainable Free Period Product Trial

In December 2018, I put out an open call to all UoR students on my social media channels for volunteers to trial affordable sustainable period products. We purchased some affordable sustainable products for the students and asked them to write articles about their experiences of using these products over winter break.

We hope to feature these articles during week 3 of spring term for us all to learn from!

Click here to find out what our testers thought!

Awareness Stand

Dates: Mon 28.Jan – Fri 01.Feb.2019

Times: Lunchtimes

Venue: RUSU lower foyer

Pop by during lunchtime to learn more about periods and how it can impact our education, our health, the environment and human rights.

Zimpower Workshops – run by Enactus Reading

Date: Mon 28.Jan.2019

Times: 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm

Venue: RUSU Boardroom

Come to our 30minutes workshops to learn about what Zimpower are doing to tackle period poverty overseas and how you can get involved at Reading!

Free Period Products at RUSU

The ultimate belief is that periods should not be costing women* money or be the reason we struggle with finances or miss out on our education. Free Periods was created to see the end of this by making RUSU a place where we provide free period products. From tha launch of this campaign, there will be baskets in the bathrooms in RUSU where you can pick up pads and tampons for when you need them.

*Note: In this campaign – on the campaign webpage, posters and social media posts - we may often refer to women or girls, but we would like to acknowledge that some trans males as well as some intersex and non-binary individuals also menstruate, and that these conversations about menstrual products and related topics do not only affect cis females!

If you have any enquiries about this campaign, please contact:

Diversity Officer

Nozomi Tolworthy

T: 0118 378 4136


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