Academic Campaigns

From the information we get from Course Reps, Faculty Reps and students getting in touch, we get a pretty good picture of where things need improving in the University. From this we run campaigns to make everyone’s academic experience better, and here is what we’re focusing on this year...


Second 24 Hour Study Room

Based on feedback from the student body and data from the NSS we are campaigning for students’ rights to a second 24 hour study room. We feel this facility should also include access to a number of essential facilities such as toilets, a water fountain and a vending machine. If successful this will allow students to make the most of university resources throughout the course of the term, regardless of preference to studying.

Status: Sign the petition

Wednesday timetabling

All students should have the right to make the most of their time at university, including getting involved in a number of extra-curricular activities and sports. Some students feel they are unable to compete with other universities without jeopardising their academic learning. We are campaigning for timetables to be adapted so that students are able to do both.

Status: In talks with Senior Management in the University

Assessment and feedback

Students have to hand in their assignments within a set time frame, but often have no idea when they can expect feedback in return. We feel that students should have a clear indication of when they can expect an assignment to be returned, the quality of feedback that they will gain, and that lecturers should be held to account if this feedback isn’t granted within the claimed timeframe.

Status: Researching the way other Universities do it.

Ideas for a campaign?

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