Tampon Tax

In result of a Change It! suggestion for non-profit sanitary items on campus, RUSU has decided to sell sanitary products at cost price in Campus Central.

We believe that sanitary items are a basic health necessity and that nobody should be making a profit from the sale of those items. The government adds an additional 5% tax on sanitary products, whilst non-essential items such as lottery tickets are exempt from VAT charges.

As an organisation we are encouraging students to contribute to a wider, national campaign and urge the government to remove the 5% tax on sanitary products. We want the UK government to recognise sanitary items as a modern day necessity.

Join the campaign and take the time to sign one of our postcards addressed to the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging the government to #EndTamponTax.

The postcard can be collected from Campus Central or RUSU Reception.

Image of End Tampon Tax campaign



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