Saving Students Money

What is the Saving Students Money campaign all about?

The 2015-16 Officer Team joined three winning Change It ideas together to form one campaign relating to saving students money. You can read more about the strands of the campaign below.

Remove Gown Hire for Graduation

At graduation students are expected to pay a mandatory £45 for gown hire. This is another hidden cost that students are not expecting to pay. With rising tuition fees and the cost of living so high here in Reading, RUSU believes it is unacceptable for students to pay extra just to go to a ceremony to receive something they have already paid so much for.

Free bus passes for students

The free bus pass is needed as it would help students to go from and to the university and around Reading. This service is provided with a number of UK universities such as University of York, Nottingham University and Kingston University – so why not here at Reading?

Stop increasing the price of Halls

Each year students pay more for accommodation in Halls. Living in a privately-rented house isn't for everyone, so it isn't fair that prices keep rising, especially above the rate of inflation. People new to living in Halls don't know that they are paying more than people did last year, and so they are being taken advantage of.

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