Activities and Opportunities Officer

The Activities and Opportunities Officer is responsible for overseeing the development of all RUSU sports clubs, societies, volunteering schemes, RAG, and student media. The Activities and Opportunities Officer will also work alongside key staff in RUSU and the University to provide and promote development opportunities for students at Reading.

There are 4 candidates for this role.

  • Tom Quinlan

    • Transform the social media of RUSU activities to promote clubs and societies more regularly
    • Opportunities scheme to help the development of club and societal members through external speakers and links
    • Modernise Varsity to include more of RUSUs members by getting societies involved
  • Harry Everitt

    • Support new clubs, struggling clubs, and the revival of beloved ones that have shut down.
    • Strengthen clubs' committees and interclub collaboration through a committee society improving training and facilitating the development of committee members.
    • Showcase student activities throughout the year with online exhibitions, physical stalls, and displays.
  • Bella Whitney

    • Increase accessibility by lobbying for better facilities (3G pitches by attempting to get local planning permission) and greater advertisement by RUSU.
    • Provide oppourtunities through activities by sharing placements and employment in societies.
    • Providing welfare drop ins for committee members to help manage mental health and academics with participating in activities.
  • Louisa Turnbull

    • Aim to offer a wide range of events that relate to students' degrees in order to provide them with useful experience.
    • Encourage societies to fundraise and raise money for a large variety of local charities.
    • Continue to incorporate EDI Representatives into societies in order to create more diversity and inclusion.