Disabled Students' Officer

The Disabled Students' Part-time Officer works to defend and extend the rights of disabled students within the Union and the University. They campaign for the equality of all disabled students; including those with hidden disabilities such as a mental health issue.

There are 2 candidates for this role.

  • Sophie Flecknell

    • Making it easier for students to provide feedback on inaccessibility, which will be thoroughly discussed and acted on
    • Creating a guidebook for accessibility needs, so students know what support is available and how to get it
    • Providing societies and organisers with a framework for planning disability-inclusive events
  • Ellie Benford

    • I want to ensure that all students know where they can receive support when they need it, especially out of hours.
    • I want students to feel represented and not be disadvantaged by their disability
    • I want equity to be RUSU's top priority going forward