Diversity Officer

The Diversity Officer is responsible for the development of inclusion and diversity initiatives, as well as taking the lead on liberation campaigns and projects. The Diversity Officer will support the work of 8 of our Part-time Officers and help to promote and oversee the work they do.

There are 4 candidates for this role.

  • Sarah Haely

    • Create a complaints, feedback, and advice system for students to stand up, speak up, and voice opinions.
    • Meet-the-native program for international students during a diverse range of events including Arrival, Christmas, Eid, and Diwali.
    • Encourage awareness through dialogue, events, talks and months of celebrating communities and more.
  • Deji Fisho

    • Champion equality and inclusiveness by supporting the establishment of safe platforms for dialogue
    • Advocate for additional support for Covid-related challenges faced by minority students
    • Encourage peer to peer support amongst the minority student body
  • Laura Nicolaou-Jones

    • I want to create a campaign focused on consent in relation to situations that are relevant.
    • Secondly, promote the use of pronouns across campus.
    • Thirdly, encourage the use of trigger warnings as a tool to better protect students when discussing challenging topics.
  • Soundarya Dundi

    • Promote diversity in food served at halls including vegan, vegetarian, and international food options.
    • Embracing diversity through cultural exchanges, organisation of interfaith week
    • Sensitise staff and students through training to address micro-aggressions.