International Students' Officer

The International Students' Part-time Officer works to defend and extend the rights of international (including EU) students within the Union and the University. They lead on campaigns which impact international students with the aim to create positive change. They also take a lead on the planning and delivery of One World Week.

There are 3 candidates for this role.

  • Akash Kumar

    • Have workshops for international students for giving them adequate help in creating their CV's and cover letters.
    • Have special internship schemes and work experiences designed specifically for international students.
    • Be more inclusive towards international students and make them feel more welcomed.
  • Nayib Fux Heras

    • Promote international societies
    • Pay more attention to online study and students
    • Continue the current Officer's efforts on employment for international students
  • Vanessa Chan

    • Work opportunities, vacation schemes, summer internships and part-time work experiences.
    • More learning suggestions from the academic tutors, improved feedback
    • European trip, funding, international scholarships