As team leader, the President is responsible for coordinating the delivery of the Full-time Officer team priorities. They ensure all RUSU decisions follow the democratic process within the Constitution, and oversee RUSU's democratic initiatives including supporting the Student Voice Members. Other aspects of the remit include leading on external affairs, sustainability, commercial services and links between campuses.

There are 7 candidates for this role.

  • Sheldon Allen

      I'll bring a huge series of summer events to campus from bottomless brunch to a popup beach!
      Developing a landlord database so we can make informed decisions about housing!
      Reward and recognise you for the sustainable lifestyle you lead!
  • Layla Cole

  • Tarek Ahmed

    • Ensure RUSU has measurable goals which allow students to properly hold the organisation accountable.
    • Prioritise men's mental health, supporting them to develop relationships which encourage more open conversations.
    • Elevate creative societies, increasing membership, and promoting how they can help with both personal wellbeing and future career prospects.
  • Casey Byrne

    • Strong Leadership: I know how to lead, with strong leadership the full potential of RUSU can be realised.
    • Every Voice Counted: I'll ensure each voice is heard by staff & your union works for you.
    • More Accessible: I'll make myself more accessible to all, so everyone can give their views.
  • Edward Gregory

    • Lobby Park Bar to reduce the price of snakebite from £2.45 to the original £2.20.
    • Organise more interesting and entertaining events at RUSU, culminating in the loosest night in Reading!
    • Produce a union that has no barriers between students and officers with a realistic understanding of student interests in Reading.
  • Charlotte Hemsley

    • Increased accessibility to RUSU services ie, minibus hire, room bookings and union info
    • Reintroduction and extension of anti-spiking measures across all bars on campus
    • Mitigating environmental impact of campus and its students through sourcing sustainable university merch and society stash
  • Sonal Zahid