Student Trustees

Student Trustees ensure RUSU is well governed, well managed and achieves its aims and objectives in accordance with its Vision, Mission, and Values. Trustees have responsibility for directing the affairs of RUSU with regard to the student perspective and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the students, for which it has been set up.

There are 3 candidates for this role.

  • Ellie Benford

    • I want to ensure that diverse student perspectives are considered within the board
    • I want to ensure that the student body is kept up to date and aware of the word university leadership is completing
    • I would like to bring confidence and enthusiasm to the board
  • Dhowani Gowressoo

  • Rusafa Karim

    • Ensure YOUR voice is heard and represented to the highest levels
    • Remain accessible and contactable (Feel free to connect with me :) )
    • Help create and encourage activities to provide space for communication and development with interest of the wider student body.