Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer is responsible for the development and management of welfare initiatives and projects, as well as taking the lead on welfare campaigns. The Welfare Officer will also liaise with the RUSU Advice Service; supporting and helping to promote their services.

There are 4 candidates for this role.

  • Poppy Lindsey

    • Online mental health support - an app to track your mental health and somewhere to reach out in crisis
    • Eliminating taboos - opening up the stigmatized conversation around sex at university
    • Fearless renting - improving and simplifying housing advice with a user-friendly guide
  • Jennifer Liddell

    • Increase drug awareness and support students struggling with addiction
    • Streamline & expand student access to wellbeing services
    • Encourage sense of community post-COVID
  • Drew Taylor

    • My number one priority is to make every student feel safe on campus.
    • Work with the university and RUSU to improve university welfare services.
    • Make sure every student has a voice, particularly on welfare related issues. It will be my duty to represent whatever the student body needs.
  • Ari Pascual

    • Put It In Words: Exercise sessions, workshops and focus groups for mental health. Guidance and organisational resources for poor mental health.
    • Sexual health: Inclusive sexual health talks, STI testing on campus, online resources
    • Safety and wellbeing: Increasing safety bus services, lighting around the lake area, cooking guides for halls.