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For up-to-date information from the University, including advice from the NHS and the Government, visit their Essentials page.

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It has been a tough year, but RUSU is excited to release our provisional roadmap to re-opening after lockdown. Check out RUSU’s future plans.

We're excited to be open again for outdoor hospitality. We’ve got plenty of outdoor seating set up on the Mojos patio in line with government guidelines. You do not need to book, just come along, sit at a table and order via the round app. No more than six people can sit together at a table, and we ask that you wear a mask when moving around the venue indoors. If there are more than six of you, we will also you to sit over multiple tables. Check out the opening times on our website.

Unfortunately, Summer Ball will not be going ahead again this year. We understand how disappointing this is, but we’re hoping Summer Ball 2022 will be bigger and better than ever. However, we do have some really exciting things happening from 17th May, so watch this space.

And of course, we’re looking ahead to Freedom Fest on the 21thJune. Tickets for four out of six events are still available – get yours via eventbrite.

For more information, visit our events FAQ page.

If you have any questions, please contact our events team via their Facebook page.

From 29th March to 19th April your Students’ Union will be closed.

The RUSU building is open because outlets (MailBoxes, Bagelman, Soul of Seoul, BubbleTea) will be open as normal apart from University closure days. The Study will be open 24 hours a day, opening 8am on Monday and closing 6pm on Saturday. However, RUSU reception and Student Activities will be closed throughout the whole Easter break.

The RUSU building and The Study will be closed from 5pm on 31st March, and will reopen at 9am on 7th April.

Whilst the Advice Service is still operating during this closure period, they are doing so with a greatly reduced staff, and are working limited hours within this period. Your Student Officers will also be working during this closure on reduced hours, so responses may take longer than usual.

Mondial will be open as takeaway only from the 12th April. The opening times between the 12th - 17th April are as follows:

- Monday to Friday - 10:30am - 5:30pm

- Saturday - 12pm - 5:30pm

For the full opening hours from the 19th April onwards, visit our webpage. Remember to book your tickets for Freedom Fest!

Any emergencies should go through Campus Security on 0118 378 6300.

For contact details for a variety of organisations and support within, and external to, the University of Reading, visit the RUSU welfare directory.

Stay safe and have a wonderful break.

The five Full-time Officers & RUSU staff are working hard behind the scenes in creating a campaign plan to tackle the issues that students have faced due to COVID-19 pandemic.

This will help us with the strategic next steps to ensure we are continuously representing and helping the Reading student community, and rest assured we will be consulting with students throughout the whole process of the campaign planning. Please stay tuned for updates.

The five Full-time Officers met MP Matt Rodda on Friday 5th February to discuss all the important student issues surrounding: tuition refund, private housing issues, and students' experience of teaching and learning.

Matt Rodda was compassionate towards the difficult situation that students were facing and agreed the government need to be doing more to help students. We will be sending data from the COVID Review and report from the padlet to Matt's team so that he can work with the Shadow Education Minister to represent the voices of the students.

RUSU and Matt have agreed to meet again to monitor progress.

Following the letter we sent to MP Matt Rodda (Reading East) and MP John Redwood (Wokingham) on behalf of students living in private accommodation, we received a reply back from Matt Rodda informing us that he has written to the Department of Education about the impact of COVID-19 on the wellbeing and mental health of university students and their concerns regarding university fees.

The Minister of State for Universities has now replied to Matt Rodda's email, which you can read here.

Last Thursday RUSU held an open forum called 'Have Your Say' in order to provide students with a platform to directly feedback to their Full-time Officers, sharing any concerns or views. Approximately 25 students attended and spoke up for themselves and other students, exercising their student voice.

We have collated the main themes that came up during the event.

They also fed in to an online padlet to give their student experiences. Any student can contribute their views anonymously to this padlet before Monday 15th February 2021. Responses from this will be collated together for the Student Officers to use as evidence in meetings with the university, in order to strengthen their position in supporting students at this time.

By providing information here, you are giving explicit consent for the data to be used for these purposes by RUSU, and understand that you can withdraw your consent, in writing, at any time by emailing academicreps@rusu.co.uk.

Following the letter we sent to MP Matt Rodda (Reading East) and MP John Redwood (Wokingham) on behalf of students living in private accommodation, we have received a reply back from MP Matt Rodda.

He has informed us that he has written to the Department of Education about matters raised in the letter stating "students have been let down by the government with many having been denied the university experience they expected, and throughout this crisis, the government has maintained that student welfare is a priority but time and again it has missed opportunities to do the right thing and provide concrete help for students. In these difficult months, student unions have stepped in to provide critical support and they continue to be a powerful voice for the students they represent."

Following this the RUSU Full-Time Officers have also secured a meeting within the next two week with MP Matt Rodda, of which we will keep you updated.

We urge you and your parents to write to your local MPs about your situation living in private accommodation. You can use the template provided by us, which you can download as a word document.

We have collaborated with University of Reading on sending a letter to landlords of students in private accommodation.

We are asking landlords to support students during this time of hardship caused by COVID-19, and to do whatever they can to relieve pressure caused by finances and housing contracts.

View the full letter.

If you have any financial concerns, you can contact our advice team.

In response to our open letter to the University Executive Board, the University will not be willing to refund tuition fees to students.

RUSU's next plan of action is to lobby the government to help to subsidise tuition fees and help all students financially through COVID-19.

Students have had no help financially by the government as they cannot claim Universal credit, have lost retail/ hospitality part-time jobs and still have to pay rent in private accommodation.

Please sign and share this petition.

After meeting with students over the last couple of weeks your Full-time Officer team wanted to do their best to answer some of the questions you have.

Take a look at the questions and answers.

We at RUSU understand that students are not satisfied with the response from the University Executive Board to our open letter sent on 12th January 2021, and feel that it falls short of addressing students concerns to teaching and learning.

We want to ensure that no student is worse off, financially or academically, as a result of COVID-19. We understand that COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on learning outcomes and that more money and support will be needed to close that gap for students.

Immediately, we are holding an open forum event tomorrow, Thursday 21st January 5:30pm, ‘HAVE YOUR SAY’. This event is open to all University of Reading students to attend and share their concerns with us, your five full-time student officers.

Following this we will collate individual and overarching student concerns to raise to senior members of the University Executive Board, whilst continuing to lobby the government.

Similarly to last term, we will be surveying students to find out about their continued academic experience to determine whether the quality of teaching that students are getting is value for money. More information on this to follow.

Finally, we will be highlighting the university complaints procedure to students as another avenue for individuals to raise concerns if they have been unable to reach learning outcomes during the pandemic or feel they have not had the level of teaching they paid for.

We look forward to seeing you at our ‘HAVE YOUR SAY’ event tomorrow. You do not need to register for this as it is an open forum. The larger the turnout, the more power we have to make change together.

Keep up to date on our website and social media to stay informed about what your student union is doing.

Your RUSU Full-Time Student Officers

Rachel, Bandy, Rachel, George, Alex

Your Full Time Officers have written to the local MPs Matt Rodda (Reading East), and John Redwood (Wokingham) about the unfair situation with students living in private accommodation. View the full letter.

The next step is that the RUSU President and Welfare Officer will try to secure a meeting with the local MPs to discuss the student issues further.

In the fight to get your voice heard, we urge yourself and your parents to write to your local MPs about your situations in private accommodation. We have created a letter template for students. Download as a word document.

At RUSU, we believe that no student in private accommodation should be paying their rent whilst they are unable to access their homes during lockdown.

Your Full-Time Officers have been working closely with NUS and other unions in this massive campaign to fight for your voice to be heard.

If you agree, please sign the petition - at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

We have written an open letter to the university to outline demands that we have wanted to implement to help mitigate the issues the COVID-19 pandemic has made to the Reading student community. RUSU Officer Team 20/21

We understand how tough the lockdown measures are on students and the challenges that you are facing. We will be regularly updating you with what your Officers are working on to represent you and your concerns during these difficult times. Here is an update from your Education Officer, George, on the work he has been doing on exams and mitigating circumstances. More updates from your officers will follow.

After the COVID Review was completed in October, I took the feedback regarding Mitigation & Take-Home Exams from last summer to the University. This was valued feedback from students and fed into planning the mitigation that would be used in exceptional circumstances, such as national lockdowns. Since the latest lockdown more is being considered by the University for the remainder of the year and RUSU is continuing to lobby the university to ensure students are supported throughout this time.

RUSU is doing what it can to ensure students’ get the information they need, any information about summer exams and responses to COVID will come from the University and students are encouraged to regularly check their university email address. As your Education Officer I have emphasised that this should be done quickly and effectively to alleviate any anxiety it is causing students – something that has only gotten worse in the recent days. This has involved holding the University to account consistently.

In terms of exams, I have lobbied the University to hold exams in an online format. A quick decision on this will mean students have time to prepare and will be reassured that the format will not change again even if circumstances around access to campus changes. It will also provide the most consistent and accessible option to all students, some of whom will be shielding.

In regards to mitigation, I have stressed the importance that it must apply and support as many students as possible. This is reflective of feedback from the Student COVID Review, which can be found in the COVID Review Report published last term. Throughout these conversations I have asked them to consider a no-detriment policy and I am keen to explore this further. Feedback and thoughts about this from students will be key to the best response.

Given the impact this recent lockdown and government guidance has on students’ welfare and learning we are keen to understand how we can support you further. Over the coming days we will be reaching out to students to understand your thoughts surrounding how you want the university’s approach to look going forward.

George Ingram, RUSU Education Officer 2020/21

Your President and Education Officer have provided an update on how RUSU are working on issues affecting the student community, including rent rebates, exams, mitigating circumstances, welfare and RUSU services.

This was outlined in an email sent to all students today.

Information on our progress will be communicated in due course.

We wish a Happy New Year to the wonderful student community at Reading. We’re excited to be back up and running to ensure that your wellbeing and student experience is the best it can possibly be during these challenging times.

Following government guidance and Tier 4 restrictions, RUSU will be operating with a digital-first approach. We have endeavoured to keep as many of our services functioning as possible and have provided everything that we can remotely and virtually. This includes our Advice Service, Representation and Student Activities.

Physical RUSU services, such as reception and Mondial, will be closed this week. But don’t worry - you can still get your bagels; franchises within the RUSU building, with the exception of UniCuts, will be open during usual hours. Mondial will be open for takeaway next week, 10-4 Monday-Friday, and will be reviewed on the 25th January. The Study will stay closed for the time being.

For up-to-date information from the University, including advice from the NHS and the Government, visit their Essentials page.

We know this isn’t the start to 2021 we all wanted, but we hold a lot of hope for the near future. Your students’ union and student officers are working hard to make your student experience the best it can be, and we must continue to come together as a community and support each other the best we can. Remember, we are here to help.

Since the 20/21 Full-Time Officer team took over their roles in July 2020, they have been working hard to ensure that the student voice is heard in relation to Covid-19 and are representing students on how it has affected students and may continue to affect them in 2021. The team continue to speak up for students and lobby the University to increase the support available to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

Student Covid Review

A total of 588 students completed the RUSU Education Officer’s Student Covid Review in a 3 week period between Monday 5th October – Sunday 25th October, with a 79% open rate. Findings included: the teaching delivery and take-home exam format have been two successful policies, and it’s positive to see this snapshot of students recognising that. Lessons learned from the safety net/no-detriment policy should inform future decisions, with focused efforts on ensuring all students have some form of mitigation in the time of national crisis. Any proportion of student being ‘left behind’ should be avoided.

Value for Money is going to remain a contentious issue until greater policy change at national level occurs. It’s important to recognise that this is an issue at the forefront of student’s minds, especially now more than ever given the dramatic change to the student experience. In order to avoid negative sentiment, students need to clearly see first-hand what is being done to make their time at university as beneficial as possible.

Study Space

After the Library refurbishment was completed last year, the study space in the URS building was closed. However, after feedback from students about how useful they found the extra space, we refurbished and reopened Study@URS so students have more choice about where to study and this has been open for study space during the pandemic as well.

RUSU managed to re-open The Study from June prior to University’s study areas re-opening so students could use this space 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week during the Autumn term 2020, right up until Friday 18th December 2020.


After hearing student feedback over the timetable not holding asynchronous content and by extension making it difficult to plan your learning schedule, RUSU requested this information be added. However, due to issues over resource, a compromise was suggested that all module convenors were strongly advised to put up weekly plans for students, given the positive feedback that had come through regarding where this had already been done.

RUSU Reps represent at local level

With over 400 Course and Senior Reps elected to represent you at programme and school level, this allows more localised student issues to be heard. Find your rep for this year. Adapting to Covid-19 restrictions this year we moved our Rep training online to ensure it was accessible and easy for every student to attend. We had over 300 Student Reps participate in some form of online Essential Rep training or Chair training over 17 sessions spanning Sept, October and November in 2020. Get in touch with your Student Rep to feedback to them your views or fill in our Digital Rep tool ROSIE (Rep Online Student Impact Evaluation) to feedback directly now! Over 197 students have filled in ROSIE this term of which over 65 were Student Reps and this feedback is shared at termly Course Rep Consultations and to UoR staff at Student Staff Partnership Group meetings.

RUSU Welfare Directory

RUSU set up the new RUSU Welfare Directory this year which Reps and students have been signposting students to in the Autumn term. Any student can access this to find support, advice and help for issues relating to welfare, wellbeing and mental health. The RUSU Welfare Directory provides contact details for a variety of organisations and support within, and external to, the University of Reading. Alongside, the RUSU Welfare Directory, RUSU have a team of Advisers that are on hand to give free, independent and confidential advice


As a result of the Student Covid Review our RUSU Education Officer organised The Student Comms Forum – whereby students had the opportunity to feedback directly to the university on the coronavirus communications over the summer on the 3rd December. We have been working to ensure the university have a comms plan in place that provides students with all the information they need to start in the Spring term.

For more information on the Full-Time Officer Covid updates from this year please visit the update below titled '01/10/20 - COVID-19 Update: RUSU Round Up 6.'

The Government has announced that Reading will be under Tier 2 (high alert) restrictions from Wednesday 2nd December. Here at RUSU, we have followed government guidance and advice permitted to Universities and adjusted our operations accordingly.

We are dedicated to keeping students and staff as safe as possible, and have duly adapted our services:

  • Bagelman is open 8-5 Monday- Friday until the end of term.
  • UniCuts (Hairdressers) is open 8-6 Monday- Friday until the end of term.
  • Mondial Starbucks will be open 10-5 on weekdays until 4th December. Next term we will reopen 4th – 8th Jan 10am to 2.30pm, from 11th Jan 8.30am to 6pm.
  • Our Bars will stay closed until 11th January at Noon to 11pm (last orders 10pm.)
  • The RUSU building, The Study, and outlets will be closed from 18th December to 4th January.
  • All RUSU services (including online services) will be closed from 5pm on 21st December to 9am 4th January. More information on contacts and resources over the holiday period will be communicated soon.

Full details on Tier 2 are available on the Government's website.

The government is encouraging students who intend to travel home for Christmas to do so in a ’student travel window’ from 3 to 9 December. From 1 December the University will launch an on-site testing facility for those not displaying symptoms, open to all students and to those staff who have been working on campus in the 14 days prior to their test. For more information, and to book a test, visit reading.ac.uk/coronavirus.

We do have some positive things to look forward to: The Refreshers Fayre is scheduled for the 19th, 20th and 21st January, and The Summer Ball is scheduled for 12th June! We hope to be sharing more positive news with you all soon. In the meantime, we’re here for you: contact our Advice Team, your Student Officers, or email enquiries@rusu.co.uk if you need anything. Stay safe.

RUSU will be open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, students are welcome an utilise our spaces for individual study.

Reception will be open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday

Starbucks Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Soul of Seoul (was Korea Foods) Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm

Bagelman Cerealworks Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Mail Box Etc Monday to Friday to 10am to 2pm

Bubble Tea Monday to Saturday 11am to 5:30pm

The Study will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, apart from 9pm Sunday-8am Monday.

Advice, RUSU Merchandise Shop and Student Activities e will all continue operating online. Please email enquiries@rusu.co.uk.

Unfortunately, RUSU has had to take the decision not to run the physical Freshers Fayres on the 13th – 15th October due to current restrictions and the worsening situation across the country, as well as concerns raised by students. This year your Students' Union will be encouraging a virtual-first approach for student societies and group social activities.

We are therefore aiming to host the Fayres via an online portal system. This will allow quick and easy access to society information on the RUSU website. Additionally, we are intending to hold in person society stalls periodically throughout the term in 3sixty so that societies can talk to students in person.

Check out our Freshers site for more information on events, schedules and other activities information. If you have any questions, contact Alex, your Activities Officer, or email the Student Activities Team.

Your Full-Time Officer team have been working hard over the summer in response to COVID-19. Take a look at how they have been working to represent you and ensure that your wellbeing and student experience is protected.

International Students in quarantine

International students in quarantine had difficult access to food, toiletries and essentials, creating a major problem for mental wellbeing. Your officers worked to fix this.

International students in quarantine had difficult access to food, toiletries and essentials, creating a major problem for mental wellbeing. Your officers worked to fix this.

‘Supporting our Students’ scheme

Your Officers are also working with the University on the second round of the ‘Supporting our Students’ scheme, where UK home students can volunteer to help provide practical support for students who do not have a friend system to reply on in a quarantine / lockdown scenario, online support for International students to have a ‘buddy’ who can provide emotional and practical support, and online support for vulnerable students.

Correct conduct upon return to campus

Your Officers worked with the Student Conduct Committee which made detailed plans regarding the disciplinary actions that will be taken against students that break COVID laws and guidance.?They voiced various sides of student concerns which are now in the report and ensured that all disciplinary procedures relating to COVID are fair punishments for both the perpetrators of the offence but also the victims.

Due to the unprecedented nature of this year’s return to campus, many of these decisions were made on a hypothetical basis. They worked to ensure that students will be satisfied with how conduct violations are dealt with.

Running a COVID safe sustainability fayre

The RUSU Sustainability Fayre is a new fayre that we are incredibly excited to run. Your officers have been working with other members of RUSU to put together a new sustainability fayre that is both providing student with opportunities to improve their carbon footprint and being socially distanced and COVID safe.?

The RUSU Sustainability Fayre which students can book for and be in a COVID safe environment, is on hold until government guidelines allow it to go ahead in 2021.

COVID safe Student Activities

Your officers gave been working with the Activities Team to respond to COVID related queries from Sports Clubs and Societies. They have worked with student groups to provide exciting and inclusive virtual events, such as Sports taster sessions and individual society socials.

They are in the process of organising more virtual events that are COVID secure, such as the Univision Song project, which is an opportunity to showcase student talent at Reading University.

They also worked to submit advice to the University’s Major Incident Team (MIT) on a number of issues related to holding events and activities in halls (related to impact that Wessex Hall absence as a location for societies would have). They are also working on a revised plan for a room booking process for societies.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard scheme

Your officers and RUSU staff have been working in collaboration with the university to implement the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard scheme. This is to indicate to others who have a hidden disability. Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around the wearer including staff, colleagues and health professionals that they need additional support, help or a little more time. This is important especially during COVID-19 where some people are considered to be facemask exempt, and so a sunflower lanyard or a sunflower exempt card to indicate to members of staff or Reading Bus that somebody does not require a face covering. This is still in the planning process.

Safety Net for resits and first attempts

Your Officers made it clear to the university that should the safety net be in place for the September exam period, that it would have to affect all students. Given where we were in the summer it was their intention to ensure that COVID-19 would minimally impact education. This was fed into University Board for Teaching, Learning and Student Experience (UBTLSE) during July.

This ensured the Safety Net would be applied to every student taking exams in September, where previously it would only apply to those doing their first attempt.

Your Officers also lobbied for a January Exam period to spread across assessments throughout the academic year for Students having second attempts in exams beyond September. Unfortunately, this was rejected by the University, citing that the whole summer 2021 exam period would have to be delayed, which would be detrimental to the student experience.

Study Space

Your officers worked to ensure that Fifi’s (19/20 Education Officer) Study Space campaign was finalised. This involved keeping the issue at the forefront of the University’s agenda.

More study space has been installed, although due to COVID the gains have been minimalised (only temporarily). It’s RUSU intention to also obtain even more, per projects that have been paused by the university in previous years.

RUSU also internally managed to re-open The Study prior to University’s study areas re-opening.

The majority of RUSU building and outlets are open from 15th September 2020. Please see our ‘RUSU Covid-19 Safety Measures’ update below for more detail.

For all opening times as of Monday 21st September, visit our full list.

  • Reception is now open 10-4 Monday to Friday.
  • The Nursery is now open.
  • The Merch Store opens on 18th September, 10-4 Monday to Friday. Online ordering and click and collect is available now.
  • Mojos bar is open 12pm - 12am, Monday to Saturday, from the 15th September.
  • Mondial (Starbucks) opening times are as follows:

    - 15th – 18th September: 9:30am – 4pm

    - 19th and 20th September: 10am – 4pm

    - 21st September onwards: 8:30am – 6pm Monday to Friday

  • The Study is now open Monday to Friday, 9-5. Last entry is 4pm.
  • Bubble Tea is now open for takeaway 11-5, Monday to Friday, on site or via the Deliveroo App.
  • The Advice service is open for virtual appointments 10-4 Monday to Friday.
  • Student Activities is open 9-5 Monday to Friday.

We ask you to please respect your fellow students and adhere to advice provided by RUSU. We encourage enjoyment of our spaces in a safe and responsible manner. We appreciate your co-operation. If you have any concerns about the safety measures implemented, please contact us at enquiries@rusu.co.uk, or send us a message via our social channels.

We understand that students and staff might feel concerned when returning to campus. The RUSU building is open from the 15th September with meticulous safety measures implemented. We want you to feel safe in our building, so please see how we’re making our spaces as safe as possible:

  • We are operating table bookings, table service, and cashless transactions. For more information on this, contact our events team.
  • One-way systems and floor signage are in place to encourage social distancing.
  • Face coverings are required in retail areas and whilst moving around the building.
  • Maximum capacities for all areas have been individually calculated to ensure social distancing can be implemented.
  • Hands-free hand sanitising stations have been installed at all exits and entrances and at key points throughout the building.
  • Perspex screens have been installed at face-to-face advice and retail areas, as well as reception.
  • Our Advice service are running sessions online.
  • A thorough COVID-19 cleaning regime has been implemented on a 24 hour a day schedule.
  • The RUSU building and The Study have been electrostatic wrapped with high level, broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner. This stays on all treated surfaces for up to 30 days and will be repeated on a monthly basis. RUSU have committed to undertake this highly effective precaution against COVID19 for your safety.
  • Cleaning stations for personnel have been placed at key points in the building.
  • Risk assessments have been completed and actioned to promote the safety of staff, students, and all users of the building.

We ask you to please respect your fellow students and adhere to advice provided by RUSU. We encourage enjoyment of our spaces in a safe and responsible manner. We appreciate your co-operation. If you have any concerns about the safety measures implemented, please contact us at enquiries@rusu.co.uk, or send us a message via our social channels.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, RUSU has agreed with the University to pause certain projects to enable the University to direct resources to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the student experience.

Read the updates

This is your last update about coronavirus from the 19/20 Full Time Officer team. This does not mean that the work stops there and the new Officer team have received a full handover which will enable them to continue speaking up for students and lobbying the University to increase the support available to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

Read the full article

Our Housing Advisors have answered your questions and concerns about housing during the pandemic.

Read the FAQs

To ensure more support is provided to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students, RUSU have sent a letter to the following Government constituents requesting that they speak up for the thousands of students they represent

Read the full article and download the letter template

Here is a quick-fire update of what the Officers have done since the last round up to represent you.

Read the full article

RUSU has considered the University’s response to our two open letters which raised student concerns. The Full time officer team and Charlotte, the Disabled Students Officer have worked together to respond to the letter. We have come up with practical steps we recommend the University should take, and that RUSU will take, to support students in order to mitigate against the impact of COVID-19.

Read the full article

Here is your third round up from RUSU which focusses on what we have been doing in relation to COVID-19.

We have very recently received the University response to our open letters and to our Disabled Part Time Officers report. We will use the next few days to review this information and decide next steps.

Read the full article

To reflect your feedback, we have written a second open letter to the University Executive Board, to ask them to reconsider the existing measures in place.

Read the full article

Here is your next round up of what RUSU has been doing to make sure your voice is heard. We want to thank anyone for sharing their constructive feedback with us, it is really helpful so please keep it coming

Read the full article

To ensure you are kept in the loop with how RUSU is representing your voice, here is an update into what we have raised with the University. We are meeting with the Major Incident Team at the University on a regular basis so will aim to update you at least once a week on what we have been doing.

Read the full article

The five Full-time Officers sent an open letter to the university and explain their next steps.

Read the full article

Your five Full-time Officers explain what they will be doing going forward after the student call for action over summer exams.

Read the full article

RUSU have been working closely with the University to ensure a fair and supportive outcome for all students during the exams.

Read the full article

In light of the current situation, the RUSU Events team are working hard to find a way to give you all the end of academic year events that you deserve. All event activity and gatherings on campus have been cancelled until the end of June 2020. This has come after dialogue with the University of Reading and is in line with other Universities across the UK.

We are exploring new and exciting options to make up for the delay to Grad Ball and Summer Ball, formerly due to take place in May and June respectively. We will keep you all updated with our plans in the coming months and promise to deliver alternative celebrations when it is safe to do so.

RUSU is continuing to work with the University to support students and staff throughout this difficult time. See below updates from RUSU departments:

Events & Venues

All cancelled event tickets are in the process of being refunded and #PLUR4 has been postponed. The events team are in the process of developing some ‘online events’, including a virtual quiz night and acoustic night.

Student Activities

The student activities team are working out how to deliver committee training online—relevant students will be contacted about this directly. We have set up a new community Facebook group for all students and staff to join; it is a space to share ideas and tips, for clubs and societies to post any updates, and for everyone to come together and support each other during this uncertain time.


The advice team are continuing to offer support for students with academic, housing or money issues. If you feel you need support, in the first instance contact them through the online form. Although they are not able to offer face to face advice, Advisors will be happy to provide support by email, phone or skype during usual office hours (10:00-17:00, Monday-Friday).


The representation team are still contactable digitally 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. Officers will be campaigning to ensure students are supported with their wellbeing, have access to their studies and are assessed fairly throughout this time. Although the Teaching and Learning showcase has been postponed, we will still be sending out emails to Excellence Award nominees and winners to let them know they have been nominated or won, so watch this space!

If you are a course rep or senior rep, keep an eye out for direct emails from the representation team regarding online activities and training. If you have any queries relating to representation, please email academicreps@rusu.co.uk and we will endeavour to get back to you asap.

The Study will close at 14:00 on Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.

The health and wellbeing of students and staff is RUSU’s number one priority, therefore we have taken a number of measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in line with the University and government guidance.

Read the full article