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    Zero Tolerance Policy to Sexual Harassment

      I would like RUSU to take a Zero Tolerance Stance on Sexual Harassment.| | Sexual harassment [defined as Any behaviour or action of a sexual nature that makes an individual (regardless of gender) feel uncomfortable is sexual harassment. This includes (but is not limited to): catcalling, wolf-whistling, sexual comments or jokes, offensive gestures and groping.] is ever present at our university. It can affect anyone, however women, gender variant people and women who have sex with women are disproportionally affected by this and as a Union we must protect them. Sexual harassment can make people feel disgusted, ashamed and fearful with many people unsure of what to do about it.| | By instating a policy against this, it will increase the safety of our students and show that RUSU will support them and take claims of sexual harassment seriously. A recent survey of our students showed that 64% of them would not know how to report and incident and 1 in 2 students feel that our institution does not take sexual harassment seriously; this policy is needed to change this.| | If anyone is interested in the policy, please email to request to see the draft.
    Alice Gill
    3:50pm on 4 Dec 14 Firstly I'd like to thank those who have taken action to implement this Zero Tolerance Policy which is greatly needed. Throughout my time at the University of Reading I have heard news of attempted rape on campus each year, and I have been appalled at the treatment I have witnessed/received by students which is worsened by the fact that nothing seems to be done about it. Personally, I feel it's awful RUSU don't have a policy on sexual harassment already and I hope action will be taken in future if this motion doesn't go through. I don't like the idea of attending a university whereby sexual harassment is tolerated, condoned, and normalised.

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