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    Remove Gown Hire for Graduation

      At graduation students are expected to pay a mandatory £45 for gown hire. This is another hidden cost the people are not expecting to pay.

      With the rise in tuition fees and the cost of living so high here in Reading, I feel it is a disgrace we have to pay extra just to go to a ceremony to receive something we have already paid so much for. Also, with it right at the end of the academic year students are unlikely to have any money left over from their student loan to cover this. I would ask RUSU to campaign to remove these fees - instead having the University pay or subsidise them out of our tuition fees.

    Laura Richardson
    9:04pm on 26 Apr 15 Yeah what does the £45 go towards? I understand there will be a cost of cleaning them afterwards and the initial purchase of them but not sure it will amount to that much. I agree that the uni should only charge the minimum amount. After £9k it's not nice to feel rinsed for our last pennies on graduation
    Rusu President
    4:29pm on 1 May 15 I completely understand where you are coming from, the cost of graduation is particularly high, especially considering the fact that without a gown you cannot graduate and there are also the extra costs of photographs, hotels for yourself or family to stay in and food and drink on the day. As this is an issue that we anticipate a lot of students will have an opinion on RUSU suggests than we put this idea to a campaign vote, if the idea gets enough support RUSU will be mandated to campaign on it for two years and additionally it will help us to show the university that there is sufficient support from the student body for them to do something about it.

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