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    Fix international tuition fees

      Tuition fees for international students should be stopped from increasing between years of study. Currently international tuition fees increase after first and second year at university, without any prior warning, and when quitting is not a viable option for students who already invested time and money in their university degree. Tuition fees for international students are extremely high and are ever increasing, even during our time in the university. This means that we can never know how much we will have to pay the next year and can do nothing when we are told our tuition fees will be going up, with a very short notice , even when we know we will be struggling to cover the new cost.
    Cindy Bei
    6:44pm on 20 Jan 16 I agree! Increasing tuition fees means that, in the future, only students from affluent families would be able come to university (which doesn't help in diversifying the student community). Also, it's increasing within the degree year - which is grossly unfair and shouldn't even be an option at all. It looks like an exploitation on the fact that international students value their degrees and will keep going to their classes, without a choice in the matter.
    Katharine Davey
    4:13pm on 8 Feb 16 This idea went to a Campaign vote - voting took place in week 4 (from Monday, 1st Feb until Friday, 5th Feb). 270 votes were cast . This was the winning campaign idea with 187 votes. RUSU will now campaign on this idea for two years (until Feb 2018), or until change has been achieved.
    Aileen Kimuhu
    10:17pm on 8 Feb 16 I know that this comment is late, but this needs to be said. I love this idea simply because I come from a single parent income and I've seen the strain it has put on my mother for her to bring me here. The University is well aware of the the different positions of their international students yet very little is done to support them financially. Even the bursaries and grants we can apply for barely make blimp on the amount we pay. I've actually done the math for myself. By the time that I am done, my mum will have paid enough money to put down the deposit for a home worth £500,000. The cost of coming here could literally buy me the house of my dreams. Reading has an unusual system where the fees increase and intl students don't find out until you get the bill which is a double blow. Like Cindy suggested, the fees should stay static for the duration of your degree. So if you came into Reading in 2014 and intl fees were £13,670, you pay £13,670 for the next 'x' amount of years rather than the fees increasing by £1000 each year. The university can still charge the increased rate to the next international first years and so on. This way more students will be attracted which serves Reading better in the long run. I know I'm late, I just needed to say my piece. I've been too apathetic on this issue for a while now.
    Hayder Shihab
    10:09am on 23 Jan 18 Totally agree

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