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    Drum set for the University

      A drum set should be available in one of the music rooms on Whiteknights Campus, there is a piano room for example. This should be made available for students via a booking system. It could then be used for University performances in the students union. We need it to encourage more live music performances at University events. We are not looking to get the Union to purchase an expensive drum set, we can arrange the purchase of a one within £500. Idea submitted by Adnan Farook.
    Robert Bern
    4:41pm on 11 Oct 16 The rooms are both spacious and soundproofed enough for a kit not to be a disturbance. It would contribute towards encouraging more people to play music in groups, giving the campus a more vibrant music scene.
    Thomas Langley-Berry
    12:46pm on 13 Oct 16 There are a number of musicians on campus who would love to put on live music of all genres for students on Whiteknights but also require a drum kit. Sadly, a lot of people are put off by the lack of equipment on campus. Renting equipment from shops/studios in the local area is both expensive and logistically complicated. If there was more equipment available on Whiteknights, I am sure there would be more live music events on campus.
    Naomi Bealin-Kelly
    2:39pm on 15 Oct 16 A drum kit would create a fantastic opportunity for musicians at the University who would like to practice/improve on campus. The bandsoc is full of students who would benefit from this, and it would increase the music scene here at Reading, and potentially provide the student's union with live music event opportunities.
    George Attard
    4:38pm on 17 Oct 16 This is a great idea. With the SU having dropped Perk any incentive for students to get involved with live music is really important, and a drum kit on site would be a very easy way to start!
    Katharine Davey
    10:24pm on 18 Oct 16 This idea was considered by the Ideas Feasibility Group. The idea was actioned and assigned to Molly Philpott, Student Activities Officer with the aim to successfully complete by 20.02.2017.

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