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    Improve services for students based at London Road campus


      To improve services for students based on London Road, by introducing in the following:

      • Transfer documents etc. to London Road if requested

      Documents, parking permits etc. should be transferred to London Road from Whiteknights if requested, perhaps in the van that goes between the library and The Learning Hub? It can be difficult to make it over to Whiteknights during opening hours to collect things. One of my peers is finding it difficult to collect her parking permit from Palmer as the opening times and our timetable clash. Many of us rarely spend time on Whiteknights; it is not practical to head over just to collect a document.

      • More space to eat and socialise during lunch time at London Road

      More space to eat and socialise in during lunch time at London Road - perhaps a list of rooms that can be used? With London Road students sharing the same lunch time, The Dairy and The Social Space can be very busy and at times it is not possible to find a seat.

      • Another microwave in the London Road Student Space kitchen

      There should be an additional microwave in the Student Space kitchen on London Road. This will reduce queues for heating up food (we all share the same lunch hour) so that students can make the most of their lunch breaks.

      • Cash point on London Road campus

      So that students/visitors are able to withdraw money on the campus. Whilst it is possible to get cash back in The Dairy, this method requires individuals to purchase something when they may not wish to. There is a safety element too, for example an individual would be unable to withdraw money to pay for a taxi home at night. A student with no money on them would be unable to make purchases from The Hub. Whiteknights has cash points - why doesn't London Road?

      Ideas submitted by Emily Pearce.


    Katharine Davey
    10:01pm on 18 Oct 16 This idea will be debated and voted on at the next Student Voice meeting. The vote will decide whether this idea will go to an all student Campaign Vote or be rejected. The Student Voice Meeting will take place at 5pm on Thursday, 20th October 2017. The meeting will be held in the Monterey Lounge. This is an open meeting and all students registered at the University of Reading can attend. Come along and get involved.
    Katharine Davey
    10:15pm on 18 Oct 16 Student Voice Meeting will take place on Thursday, 20th October 2016.
    Katherine Harris
    10:17pm on 27 Oct 16 What happened about this at the Student Voice Meeting? I think it's an excellent point and hope that it's been taken up.

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