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    RUSU to boycott the NSS


      <b>Student Voice Believes:</b>



      1) The Teaching Excellence Framework is not an adequate measure of Teaching Excellence.</br>
      2) The NSS is a satisfaction survey and is not fit as a measure of ‘Teaching Quality’.</br>
      3) The TEF is a device for the government to allow the university to increase tuition fees.</br>
      4) Tuition fees are already too expensive, and the government should be funding universities opposed to increasing fees for students.</br>
      5) The University is not listening to the Unions opposing to the TEF and is ignoring calls to drop out of the TEF.</br>
      6) Students should not participate in a survey which will retrospectively allow for an increase in tuition fees.</br>
      7) For a boycott of the NSS to be successful, participation numbers must be lower than 50% of the population</br>


      <b>Student Voice Resolves:</b>



      1) For the Union to continue their work in opposition to the Teaching Excellence Framework.</br>
      2) The Education Officer, with support of the Union to call for a Boycott of the NSS.</br>
      3) The Union to use the threat of a boycott as a bargaining chip to force the university to pull out of the TEF.</br>
      4) The Education Officer to work with other Unions, supporting a nationwide boycott of the NSS.</br>
      5) To only carry out the NSS boycott if the university does not listen to the demands of the Union and the students it represents, and continues plans to submit into the Teaching Excellence Framework.</br>


      Idea submitted by Niall Hamilton, Education Officer.

    Katharine Davey
    9:26pm on 18 Oct 16 This idea will be debated and voted on at the next Student Voice meeting. The vote will decide whether this idea will go to an all student Policy Vote or be rejected. The Student Voice Meeting will take place at 5pm on Thursday, 20th October 2017. The meeting will be held in the Monterey Lounge. This is an open meeting and all students registered at the University of Reading can attend. Come along and get involved.
    Katharine Davey
    10:13pm on 18 Oct 16 Student Voice Meeting will take place on Thursday, 20th October 2016.

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