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    Fighting for student parking permits in the Redlands area


      Reading Borough Council have recently implemented a parking scheme resulting in the entirety of the Redlands areas becoming permitted. The issue is that each house is limited to a maximum of 2 permits per house, a large problem for student houses with more than 2 car owning residents. Second to this, the second permit of the house is charged at £120.00 on a road which was previously free to park on.</p>

      I want to make the university aware of this issue, and ultimately work with the council to offer a cheaper 'student permit' for the Redlands area, help to lift the cap on the number of permits allowed to each household or provide more free parking for students.</p>

      As students with a multitude of commitments including commuting, placements and travelling long distances home we should not be restricted by the number of permits and therefore cars allowed at the student house we pay already incredibly high prices for. Students attend the university from all over the country, and we are already charged astronomical prices to live close to London in Reading with no Student Finance allowance to combat these high prices (unlike London students who do receive allowances).</p>

      So many students struggle with finances and have to supplement their living costs by juggling studies and part time jobs. it is therefore unrealistic and unfair to expect these students to pay for the 'privilege' of owning and keeping a car which may facilitate their work. We are expected to pay £120.00 for these permits when students are potentially not living in Reading for 4 months of the year during University Holidays, why should we be expected to pay for a permit which we will not even use all year round? As a result student cars do not contribute to parking congestion for all 12 months of the year.

    Rusu President
    11:08am on 1 Feb 17 This idea has been amended and subsequently passed by Student Voice and will now go to an all student vote. The amended campaign will be up on the website soon.

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