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    Campaign for the University to provide Refugee Scholarships


      The University should provide 10 undergraduate scholarships for people currently classed as refugees. The scholarship should include enough funding to cover tuition fees and the cost of living.</p>

      The refugee crisis is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of modern history. Millions of men, women and children have been forced out of their countries by conflict (conflicts which in a lot of cases the UK are contributing to). Offering scholarships to 10 of these individuals would offer them escape from the squalid conditions they are currently living in and give them a chance to pursue a life free of conflict, for them and their families. It will also enrich the university with academics we would otherwise miss out on and endow every student and staff member with the pride of knowing we have taken a step, however small, towards resolving this crisis. Idea submitted by Josh Hucklesby.

    Rusu President
    11:10am on 1 Feb 17 This idea has been actioned to The Diversity officer, contact to find out more or get involved.

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