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    Drug Testing Kits


      The Union to sell Drug testing kits at a discount rate. Some students take drugs. We should be educating our students on safe drug use, not stigmatising it. RUSU should sell drug testing kits that students can have access to. This will ensure students know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. The Union should also maintain students' privacy by not recording personal details of students who buy drug testing kits.

    Daniel White
    9:37pm on 7 Mar 17 Or educate students on drug risks and encourage them not to take them? why should it be accepted that students are performing illegal actions? its hardly a good message for the University to be saying "We are a place of learning, but also encouraging you to break the law"
    Shannon Butler
    10:52am on 20 Mar 17 We should be offering drug testing kits alongside better education about drugs and drug usage. Whilst educating our students is important it doesn't actually actively relieve any of the major dangers. Education does go someway to helping but we shouldn't assume all students take drugs because they are ignorant for many it is an informed choice and we must work to help students without judgement. The students union is about welfare and you have misunderstood its aims if you think that this motion would be 'encouraging students to break the law'.
    Campaigns & Democracy Coordinator
    10:54am on 20 Mar 17 This idea was debated at the Student Voice meeting held on 14th March 2017. Student Voice voted to pass this idea, meaning that the idea will go to an All Student Policy Vote. Voting takes place from Monday 20th March - Friday 24th March at
    Campaigns & Democracy Coordinator
    9:33am on 18 Apr 17 This idea was put to a Policy Vote from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. 236 votes were cast and this idea was successful with 123 votes in favour - congratulations! RUSU will now adopt this policy for two years (until March 2019).

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