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    Long term health condition/disability ECF


      RUSU to campaign for the university to institute a policy for the existence of a long-term extenuating circumstances form (ECF) for those who have a long-term health condition or disability so that they do not have to keep putting in ECF's for the same condition. The ECF should work in collaboration with the Disability Advisory Service (DAS), counselling and GP services to use the information once so that students do not spend more time repeating the same information when it could instead be a record on their file.</p>

      Filling in an ECF as someone with a disability is arduous and takes more time than is necessary, causes more stress and for some can be quite costly in doctors notes. Students aren't always sure what evidence is allowable and often the doctor they can get to see might not be the right one and they still have to pay for a doctor's note for this. This is something I have been campaigning for and it is beyond what I can extend to fight for while completing a degree.</p>

      Idea submitted by Sarah O'Brien.

    Campaigns & Democracy Coordinator
    10:52am on 20 Mar 17 This idea was debated at the Student Voice meeting held on 14th March 2017. Student Voice voted to pass this idea, meaning that the idea will go to an All Student Campaign Vote. Voting takes place from Monday 20th March - Friday 24th March at
    Campaigns & Democracy Coordinator
    9:26am on 18 Apr 17 This idea was put to a Campaign Vote from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. 243 votes were cast and this was the winning campaign idea with 141 votes - congratulations! RUSU will now campaign on this idea for two years (until March 2019), or until change has been achieved.

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