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    Coffee Cup Recycling Bins


      I feel that it is really important that as part of being a green and sustainable University, we should implement coffee cup recycling bins in Café Mondial in particular, due to the amount of coffee cups used on a daily basis.<p>

      Currently, the UK uses around 3 billion disposable coffee cups a year, with only 0.1% of this currently being recycled.<p>

      Disposable coffee cups are not able to be thrown into general recycling due to their polyethylene lining which is needed to make them waterproof. As a result all of these cups are being thrown into landfill and contributing to the global waste crisis.<p>

      However, special recycling bins are available which allows the recycling of disposable coffee cups, which will greatly help to reduce Reading University's carbon footprint, and help to promote a sustainable community.<p>

      Idea submitted by Ellie Moore.

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