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    Bitcoin as a Payment Option


      We want The University of Reading to incorporate cryptocurrency payment methods in Campus. </p>

      We aim towards incorporating crypto into: 
      (1) RUSU, 
      (2) University Cafeterias,
      (3) University Pubs, 
      (4) Library, 
      (5) SportsPark, 
      Etc… </p>

      Potentially incorporate a Bitcoin ATM in RUSU to buy and sell crypto.</p>

      It makes international payments easier, faster and cheaper. </p>

      UoR has the opportunity to be at the forefront of this developing technology. </p>

      Cryptocurrencies reduce transaction fees for Students. </p>

      We want students to learn about the practical and every-day uses of Cryptocurrency. </p>

      If you cannot use Bitcoin, you will have no incentive to learn about Bitcoin. </p>

      We want to advance the Cashless Revolution which is already in progress.

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