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    End single-use plastic cups at UoR


      Reading University’s student Union bars serve drinks in ‘single-use’ plastic cups. These cups are not always put in the bin and they are rarely recycled, One the consequence of this is that they end up in rivers, canals and lakes. You could argue that Reading University is a so far away from the river that it is extremely unlikely that the cups will end up in the thames. However, it is still extremely damaging to the environment elsewhere, the cups break down in to smaller and smaller pieces until they are micro-plastics… these can then eventually end up in our own food chain. The  average number of plastic cups used daily is unknown to me at the university, but I can guarantee it is thousands - all of them only being used once. The record number of cups collected on a riverside clean up was 1000 cups, in 2 hours by 3 volunteers. I work on the Thames in London as a paddle-board instructor, I see the damage of these cups, and the large volume off them in waterways first hand. I have now seen similar sights blowing around breaking down into smaller shards at UoR… I hoped being at Reading University would be an escape from the huge amounts of plastic cups. Seeing the cups in the university lake has highlighted the problem further. We need to stop ignoring the damage these cups are doing. </p>

      On the bright side however, there are solutions. In the Drink UK is a new scheme that any organisation can join for free. It is not for profit and only has one ambitions - to prevent single use plastic from entering the waterways, starting of along the length of the Thames. The membership is in return for a pledge to phase out these plastic cups. With the scheme offering advise on the alternatives. In the meantime, whilst we persuade the Unions pubs (and all other university departments) to change, We urge anyone reading this to give a friendly nudge to all pubs/places who use these single use cups and tell them there are other ways! Direct them to ‘In the Drink’ for support, If they are already using alternatives to single use plastic, give them some appreciation! :) </p>

      Reading University should be leading the way, especially as a place of education - so close to the River and with a lake in the campus. Lets be the first success in ending single use plastic cups, on a large scale. </p>

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