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    Environmentally friendly toothbrushes



      Here are some positives to the bamboo toothbrushes I have found which I have taken from the description on the amazon website. There are many other makers of these brushes, but they all have the same properties. </p>

      • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: A super green alternative to today's typical toothbrushes, this plastic free toothbrush is guaranteed to improve your carbon footprint. An easy way for you to keep plastic out of our landfills, these biodegradable toothbrushes are a sure-fire step toward saving the planet. </p>

      • APPROVED BY DENTISTS: Complete with charcoal bristles of the same strength and quality as regular brushes, every natural toothbrush in this 4-pack will provide premium cleanliness and hygiene to your mouth - allowing you to achieve fully clean, healthy teeth without damaging the planet. </p>

      • RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: In addition to each zero-waste toothbrush, every item of packaging in this set is 100% recyclable, giving you peace of mind, you're not harming the planet in any way when you throw away. </p>


      Over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away into LANDFILLS and OCEANS every year which will never biodegrade. It is critical for society to vote against plastic and this is one step forward towards a plastic free society. There are some photos in the brush with bamboo link showing a beach with many plastic toothbrushes which have been thrown out. Every piece of plastic which has been created is still in existence and are in oceans and landfills. There are now incentives to start cleaning up the plastic within the Pacific Ocean by using large plastic catchers. So, let’s stop using more and more plastic which is harming the Worlds ecosystem, every little helps.



    Democracy & Policy Coordinator
    4:43pm on 18 Feb 19 This idea will be put forward to Student Voice as a Campaign idea. Come along to Student Voice on the 6th March 6-8pm in Monterey to have your say!



    left Domino's all night delivery until 5am
    dominos rusu offer

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